Backup And Restore Files In Windows 8 Without Installing Any Software

If you ask any computer or IT professional whether hard disks are reliable for storing data, most of them will say NO! The reason behind this is that all hard disks have a life-span after which they fail. So its not a matter of whether or not your computer;s hard disk will fail, it’s a matter of when it will fail! But like most problems, the hard disk failures are also quite unpredictable in nature so you seldom get warnings of an upcoming failure.

Its always wise to keep a backup of your important data to some cloud software or a reliable external storage like external hard disk drives or other storage medium. In this small tutorial, I am going to talk about an in-built Windows 8 feature which helps to backup and restore files without the need to install a third party software for backup of files or data. Simply follow the steps below to use the File History feature of Windows 8 which lets you back and restore important data to/ from an external media.

Windows 8 File History Backup and Restore Features (1)

Step 1: Open control panel and in control panel go to System and security.

Step 2: Under system and security option, there is a feature called File History. Click on the same.

Windows 8 File History Backup and Restore Features (2)

Step 3: File history required an external media like external HDD etc. to store the backup and version of files. To enable this feature, attach an external media to the computer. In this example, I have used an 500GB external hard drive.

Windows 8 File History Backup and Restore Features (3)

Step 4: When you connect a drive, in the pop-up notifications, you get option to configure drive for backup. The same option can be found under the File history feature opened in step 2. Select the drive where you want to backup your files.

Step 5: Depending on the files and folders you have on your computer, it will take some time to copy these files and backup them on the external media.

Windows 8 File History Backup and Restore Features (5)

This is it, just keep this feature on and keep the external drive connected of you want to keep the data backed up automatically. You can also manually initiate the backup process.

To restore the files from backup, you can simply click on the “Restore your files from File History” option under the File History option on the control panel. After that simply select the file or folder you want to restore and click on the green restore button.

Windows 8 File History Backup and Restore Features (6)

We hope you find it simple to follow, do check out some more Windows 8 Tutorials and tips by Trouble Fixers.

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