Backup Device Drivers Before Windows Reinstall or Formatting Drive


One of the major windows problem for any windows user is locating, downloading and installing the device drivers on a windows reinstall after formatting the hard drive. One of the reader named Rahul mailed us regarding the same issue in a mail written in quotes below.

How can I back up all the device device drivers installed on my computer and restore the backup after windows reinstall.


DriverBackup is a free software which copies all the installed device drivers on your windows computer and creates a self restoring backup which you can use to restore all the device drivers.


In order backup all the drivers on your computer, follow the procedure given on how to use DriverBackup.

1. Download DriverBackup from here

2. Simply unzip the program to any folder and execute the program and click Start Backup to start the backup for all the drivers installed.

3. Store the backup some where on hard drive


4. That’s it Done.

You can restore the backup of the drivers any time you want, as it creates a self extracting backup.

Download DriverBackup

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  1. I was always facing this problem after formatting my PC but never searched for solution for this. Now I’ll try this application to backup my drivers while formatting my PC.

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