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There are lots of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. developed today which are at par or better than Internet Explorer, but still the browser which is best among all and the most favorite among masses is Google Chrome. Released on September 2nd and truly unbeaten now, is just enough to tell its success story. The major part of is success is not only the word Google attached to it, but also its exciting and innovative features which surpasses all other browsers.


The reason for its so much popularity is its speed, stability, dynamic stat page, privacy and security features. So for all Chrome lovers, today we are going to tell something exciting i.e take backup of all your saved passwords. As you all know that it is inbuilt feature of Chrome that it saves all your id’s and passwords and make your browsing so much easier, but there is one problem that there is no inbuilt option available to take backup of those saved passwords.

If in case you want to format your Windows, then you can take back up of all your favorite sites using chrome’s inbuilt options but you can’t take backup for your saved id’s and passwords. Hence there may be possibility that you don’t remember any of them because of habit of not typing it each time and then you may face problems in recovering it. So to take backup of all your saved passwords, use a tool named Chrome Password Decryptor.

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The older version of Chrome used to store all your id’s and passwords into an internal database file ‘Web data’ in the current user profile folder but the newer version has moved the login passwords related database into new file named ‘Login Data’. Chrome Password Decryptor is developed for the newer version and as you can see that it automatically shows you the Chrome Default Path where it have saved your login information.

For using this tool you will just need to click on Start Recovery and then this tool will show you all your saved information even those blacklisted website entries for which you have prompted Chrome to not to remember the passwords.

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As you can see, it shows both the login id and your password for all the saved websites. You can browse with stroller and see the complete information. Now if you want to take backup of this information, then you can save it as a Text or as a Html page as per your choice. Saving a backup will be very useful if you want to format your computer, or transfer your information to another computer or just keep them as a backup just in case Chrome becomes non functional.

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Click on Save as Text and then choose desired location to take backup of all the information. As I have already told above, this file will be very useful for future references. Below you can see an example as how this tool save a text file.

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The size of this tool is just 589 Kb and this freeware requires no installation. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and requires the latest version of Chrome. This tool has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition with Chrome version 6.0.472.59.

Download Chrome Password Decryptor

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