How to Stop Google+ Emails Saying Someone Shared a Post With You

There are times when you receive emails from google+ plus about some post or update on google+ which some one shared with you or the pages you have created and as by default these sharing can be extended upto to email so you will get the email with the full post update in your email account.

Email Sharing of Posts In Google+

By default when some one shares a post on google+, when he or she is posting that update his or her google plus profile, the sharing interface will show the options to share the update via email which one can select.

share a google  post via email

All the people who have added you in their circles will get a email about this google+ update in their email associated with google+ that’s the gmail inbox.

shared a post with a google  page

This option is quite good to share something really good posted on google+ once in a while but using this option to actually spam your followers on google+ wont be a good idea. Now if you are the one who are getting these emails and are annoyed by them now, there is a way to get rid of these notifications in email, so anyone can still share updates with you on google+ but you stop getting these emails in your inbox.

Stop Emails Notifications For Updates Shared With You or Pages You Created on Google+

One thing you should understand is that if you share post with you on google+ or with a google+ page you have created, you will get the emails notifying the same. Now to block the same there are two ways, either you block a specific person making those updates or setup your google+ plus preferences in such a way to block these emails in future.

Block A Person From Sharing a Google+ Update Via Email

For this you just need to locate the unsubscribe link at the end of the email you received or locate the mute link to mute to block any further emails like this.

shared a post with you on google


Mute Notifications From a Person on Google+

Mute Notifications From Pradeep

Another way to stop these notifications is to update the google+ profile settings so that you don’t get these emails, for this you will need to go to google+ settings and uncheck

google  settings

Under settings, navigate to receive notifications section and here you will see the option to block people from sharing post with you on google plus via email, however they still can share the same with you on google+

stop google  shares post via email

Similarly, if you are getting these emails because some one shared a post with a google plus page you created or own then you will need to switch to google+ plus page account and do the same mentioned above for page notification settings.

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