Block Process In Windows – Stop Programs From Running

One of our reader reported us a problems regarding some programs like mobsync.exe and some other executable and programs which run automatically at system startup. As per his comment some of the programs keep running even he removes them from system startup and some of them he can not see in windows startup even.


Process Blocker is one of the best program released recently which allows you to block any program in windows which has a associated executable to run. However the entire way of blocking any process executable is little different.


Lets see how to block any process in windows with process blocker.


In order to block any process with process blocker you will need to append the name of the associated executable file name the list.txt file at the following path:

C:\Program Files\Process Blocker

where C is the default drive where you may have installed this software.


After adding the process name to the file list.txt, you will need to restart the process blocker service. In order to do so follow the procedure given below.

1. Right click on My Computer, select Manage >> Services and Applications >> Services now locate Process Blocker Service

2. Right click Process Blocker, select restart so that it can block the process executable you just added.


3. That’s it done, now all those process which are there in list.txt are blocked.


Download Process Blocker


  1. This is great, but what can I do to block processes that originate from a trojan that creates several instances of itself with randomly-generated names? Unfortunately, this isn’t a hypothetical question. I can’t find a single virus scanner that will detect this thing, but it’s definitely there.

  2. hI

    Who has the previous versions of process blocker that uses the list.txt instead of the current list editor.exe ? Developing a program that will pouplate the txt file with the process name. I dont know how to pouplate the an exe program.

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