[Security] Block Specific Ports In Windows 8

Firewalls are meant to protect your computer from any external network related threat, unauthorized access to control the computer or access the data stored on the computer. By default, certain services have certain ports, for examples, web browsers use a port number, Email client use a different port number and certain other multimedia protocols have their own port numbers. Out of these ports, some are open or unblocked by default while the other are closed in the Windows 8 firewall. In this article, we tell you how you can specifically block or unblock a certain port number in Windows 8.

Simply follow the steps below to block certain firewall ports in Windows 8:

Step 1: Go to settings > Control Panel

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Step 2: In Control Panel, open Windows Firewall

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Step 3: In Windows Firewall, click on Advanced settings.

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Step 4: In Advanced settings, click on Inbound rules and click on “New Rule”

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Step 5: In new rules wizard, click on Protocols and ports.

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Step 6: Type in the port number you want to block, in this example, I block the port 489

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Step 7: Select “Block the connection” at the next step

29-03-2013 16-08-27

Step 8: Select the type of networks where you want to block this incoming port.

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Step 9: (Optional) Name the rule for any future reference. And click finish.

29-03-2013 16-09-17

After you finish, you will see a rule with the same name created in the Firewall advanced settings. You can choose to delete it if you want to not use it at any time.

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This is how you can block or unblock certain ports in Windows 8 Firewall.

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