Block Virus Transfer From USB Flash Drive

Some times you already know about a USB removable drive you are going to connect to your computer is virus infected, but you may have some crucial data on it. Now, you want to copy data from the virus infected USB drive but you also know that if you connect that drive you computer will also get infected with the virus in the USB drive.


We have written a tutorial on how to back up data from virus infected USB drive and how to remove virus in USB drive and another way to copy data from virus infected removable drive.

In order to block virus spreading or copying on your computer, you can also use the free to use tool called Smart USB Flash Drive blocker – This software easily blocks the USB drives from copying any automated virus files on your computer.


In simple words application allows you to copy data from virus infected drive and block all the virus files to be copied from USB drive. It is very easy to use, and you just need to run the portable application and it will block the USB drive.


Once you have clicked the block button, it will show a message prompt that the USB drives are now blocked.


We hope this utility prove to be helpful for you, or you may try some other virus blocking programs like Smart Virus Remover, USBProtect and Autorun Killer

Download Smart USB Flash Drive blocker

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