Boot Directly To Desktop In Windows 8

Windows 8 is gradually picking up with more and more users gradually opting for it for their Desktop, Laptop and Tablet PCs. Windows OS have many useful functionalities built-in like like email clients, applications stores and market place and many more things like this. One of the biggest changes in the Windows 8 is the Metro Interface with new start screen and tiles. While this interface makes the use of Windows 8 quite pleasant and easy for most users, it may not be liked too much by some Windows users who love the classic desktop. When you start a Windows 8 based PC or tablet, you see a start screen like one below.

Windows 8 Tiles Move, remove, resize and re-position (9)

Instead if you are one of classic look admires like me and want to get straight to business without spending time or one extra click to reach the desktop mode, we have got a free software tool for you which helps to do just that.

Windows 8 Full Screen Screenshot (1)

This free tool is called the Skip Metro Suite and it helps to reach directly to the Desktop screen in Windows 8. It does work with the Windows 8 RTM and later versions.

Skip Metro Suite

Apart from making Windows 8 boot into the Desktop mode, it also helps you to remove hot corners, or individually disable the Top Left corner switcher and Charms bar. The tool is very simple and straight-forward.

One of the easier ways to do it without any software includes copying the desktop tile to top left position and keep the enter key pressed after you type in your password. This way Windows will first login and without you noticing it, the long press of the enter key will result in running of the first tile which is the Desktop as its placed on the top left. This way Windows 8 will launch Desktop directly at logon.

We have previously shared a tutorial in details on how you can Move, Resize, Re-Position, Add or Remove Tiles In Windows 8 Metro Start Screen. Hope you find these tips easy to follow, do let us know your suggestions and comments by leaving a comment below.

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