C drive shown in safely remove USB Mass Storage Device list


Is your fixed SATA drive or C drive shown in tray in the list of Safely remove USB Mass storage device in Windows ? For many of our readers using Nvidia motherboard the answer is yes !

Safely remove USB Mass storage device


We have received many mails from our readers regarding this problem. This kind of problem is seen after a windows updated few weeks back which had updated for optional Nvidia drivers. After this driver update many users have seen the fixed SATA drive as removable drive.


Why is my SATA drive in list of removable drives?




Nvidia motherboards / chip-sets  driver software has been enhanced to support some enhanced RAID technologies. Thus as a feature of it, the drives interprets all the SATA drives as hot-swappable drive. That is why you see fixed SATA drive in removable media list.


Lets see how you can fix this issue.


Before we talk of the fix, the important question is:


How dangerous is it to have your fixed drive in removable drives?




Well truly speaking, not very dangerous, because when you try to remove a drive which has windows installed on it, the windows will show an error saying that "The Device Generic volume cannot be stopped right now" . This means that the media will not be released as it is in use by windows. So even if you accidentally click on Safely remove C:, the windows will not let you do that, thus there is no harm.


How to fix this issue?



The simplest fix is to revert the Nvidia Driver recently installed on the computer with the windows update. You can also do a system restore to a previous date when this problem was not there.


Even if you are not able to remove it successfully from the removable list, you can safely live with it there no problem being a removable drive.


  1. thx for the info
    there is also a registry hack to solve this problem 😉

  2. @Siddharth – That’s great, do share the registry hack with other readers.

    We will update the above post with a credit link to you.

  3. Hi

    I have problem with a kingston chinese pen drive. I have copied some important data in it and now it is showing the actual size of data but not showing the data. Please tell me how to recover that data. If possible please reply ASAP @ kapil.chhabra143@gmail.com



  4. @kapil

    Most probably you have a Fake USB Pen Drive. Means that the actual capacity is lesser than Revealed By Windows. Cheap chinese hacked USB drives showing capacity of 32Gb are being sold in Palika Bazar, Delhi. Windows will identify them as 32GB drives & will also format correctly. This is because the Drive’s Firmware has been hacked to display false information.


    See the above Link.


  5. hi..
    i m facing a problem with pendrive. when i m inserting pendrive in usb port, my pc showing new hardware found and showing on my computer also but when i m trying to open it, a message is coming that please insert the media in drive. in properties also it is showing capacity 0 mb. please help me to sort out the issue.

  6. hi
    i am having problem with my pendrive.i copied some files aswell as some videos into pen drive and when i connected it to another system it is unable to show files and videos but the capacity of drive is not lost neither the files are hidden.when i tried to search the files in the drive it is opened only when i type with correct name and was unable to know where the files are been so,please help me to sort the problem

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