Can A QR Code Infect My Phone With Virus And Worms? YES !!!

QR Codes, those who are not familiar with this word let me tell you that these are the bundles of information coded inform of Matrix. An example of QR code has been mentioned below this paragraph, many of your Android phones such as Samsung, Moto, OnePlus, LG and iPhone have the application to read this QR code diagram and then decode the information available in it. Now they are quite famous among the users who have using the Android phones or iPhone as these QR codes can be found on any of the product, to provide the extra information about the product.


They are somewhat identical to the Bar codes which are found on the product. Obviously, by looking at it you do not have any idea about the type of information it carries. For example, the QR code shown above once scanned will direct to a webpage whose address will be “”. Ideally they come along with the products to provide long list of information under a small area. But as you know, like other cybercrimes they can be manipulated to put malware on your Phones which is really not good, especially if you have saved your bank credentials or any other confidential information on your phone.

QR codes reader will read the information retrieved from that QR code, at screen, it might show you the required information but it can happen that the information retrieved through that code can be used by the application later on your phone to leak any important information or hack your phone or to put virus on your phone and let me tell you that this will happen only if you application does not ask your approval before using that data.

Right now solution to this problem is not available as you cannot get any idea about that Code until they are scanned and once they are scanned it will be too late for you to do anything. For now you can just make sure that the QR code reader or the Barcode reader which have been used on your phone, should not access any part of the information retrieved from that code, without your permission. We will keep you updated with this new topic.

So to stay safe from viruses and malwares or even spywares on your cellphones, which may prove to be nightmares for your security, do take caution before you scan any barcode from any untrusted source on your smartphone. Its just like opening a webpage filled with viruses on your PC and inviting trouble. Prevention is certainly better than cure.

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