CD/DVD tray got stuck and does not come out.


With time, CD/DVD rom’s /writer’s tray gets worn out and they stop opening smoothly. Sometimes it so happens that you need to urgently load/unload a CD/DVD and the tray simply refuses to come out. So what to do in that case? See the solution below.


Most of the CD/DVD roms/writers have a pin hole on the front panel, as shown in the image below. So if the tray is not opening, simply use an all pin (or a safety pin). Press the eject button and insert the pin in the pin hole and gently push it. This makes the tray to come out.


Please Note: This is only a temporary solution to use in case of urgency. For a reliable service, get the CD/DVD rom repaired or replaced.


  1. Hi

    I not new to this but it happened to my laptop which is a month old and has a DVD R/W drive. Its an HP 6730s.
    I loaded a CD and then the drive didnt respond. It could not read the CD and the yellow light flickered continuously. I had to take it out with a pin finally.Can you tell me what could have been the reason with a new laptop?

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