Change Windows Clock Format Between 24 Hour And 12 Hour AM/PM Format

Recently I bough a laptop which came pre-installed with Windows 7 Professional Operating system with most of the Windows settings already configured in the laptop. One strange thing I was not used to was the 24 hour clock format on my Windows PC. My Windows PC used to show me time like 3:30 PM which is 12 hour clock format with AM and PM notation and not 15:30 which is the 24 hours clock notation. I started to look for a way to change that, it came out to be quite easy to follow. If you too are looking for changing from 24 hour clock format to 12 hour or from 12 hour to 24 hour format, this short 2 Step tutorial will help you do that very quickly.


image – Windows Clock

Step To Swift Between 24 Hour and 12 Hour Clock Format In Windows

This is a general tutorial applicable to most version of Windows starting from older Windows to Windows 8. You can find the same settings in your Windows Control panel.

Step 1 : Go to Start > Control Panel > Region and Language Settings. This will open up a Region and Language Settings Window which has the settings for the date and time formats displayed on a Windows Computer.

Region and Language Settings in Windows

Step 2 : Under the Formats Tab, there is a Drop Down called the “Long time:” which determines how the time will be displayed in the system tray. The settings starting with Capital letter “H” are for 24 Hour clock as highlighted in the snapshots. To use the 24 hour clock format, select the setting with capital letter “H” and press Ok on this Window and you will see the same in the system tray showing 24 hour format time.

For 12 Hour time format with AM / PM notation in Windows tray and clock select the settings which start with small letter “h” and end with “tt”. The tt is to display the AM/PM depending on the time of the day. It is as simple as that, just select the format and click Ok and it will change the time format to 12 hour AM/PM clock format.


image – Windows Clock with 24 hour format

AM-PM-Time Format

image – Windows Clock with 24 hour format

Hope you find this tutorial easy to follow. For more such quick and easy tutorials, check out the link below –

Windows Tips and Tutorials by TroubleFixers


  1. Although I have MSE I could not for the life of me remember how to do this I just installed a custom version of XP Pro and it was set to 24 hour time. Thank you very much

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