Change Gmail Time-Zone When Moving To Other Country | Fix Gmail Time-Zone


One of my friends Shijo called and said that the time displayed in GMail emails on his sent and received mails is not displaying properly. The time is 6 hours lagging behind the local time. See the snapshot below to understand what the problem is:


In this article we are going to tell you how to fix the time-zone issue with Gmail mails. Using it you can correct the incorrect time displayed in email messages.


There are two reasons for incorrect time zone displayed. Lets see the fix for both:


Incorrect Time-zone setting on gmail account


To fix the time-zone on google or gmail account, click on settings on Gmail page


This will show a screen like one below(click to enlarge):

Here click on Accounts tab and Click on Google Account Settings as highlighted below.


On Google Account Settings page, you can see the current time zone set for your account, also you can edit it by the link shown below. When you click on edit, you will see the next screen as shown in the other image following this one.


Here you can see the drop-down options for country or time zone which you want to set. Just set the correct one and save changes.


That is it for gmail time-zone settings. But besides this, you also need to change the local time-zone on your computer to make things work properly. See the easy instructions below.


Incorrect time-zone setting on local computer


In your system tray, where the time is displayed, you need to double click-on the time display.


It will open date and time properties.


On this screen, click on Time Zone tab. Here you can see your current time-zone settings and change it via drop-down option provided.


That’s it, you are now geared up to use Gmail with new time zone settings. Please provide your feedback by comments below.


  1. In gmail i am facing Time zone problem,

    With you tip i solved the problem with in seconds

    its very helpful

    my best wishes are with you

    keep going …..

    Thanks & Regards

    Sumit Gupta

  2. I tried this but it still wouldn’t work. When I fill the time zone field with “Karachi GMT+5” and then try to save it, it erases the time zone and only shows the country as “Pakistan.” My gmail settings are still one hour off. Please help?


  3. Google wouldn’t let me change my home country and even though I changed the time zone in my account settings, the time is still wrond. any ideas?

  4. I am having the same problem as Sara and Tonio. Before even reading this blog, I tried changing my PC settings and Google Account settings multiple times. Both are set correctly. However, the google time zone setting keeps disappearing and is then an hour behind.

  5. Yup, same problem. I just moved to Canada and I changed both google time zone and PC settings to no avail. Logged in and out of my account, nothing works. Google please help us

  6. WAIT A MINUTE!!! Its working now!. All it takes is for you to log out and wait abuot 1 hour. Then when you go back the time is changed. THAKN YOU!!!

  7. it dosnt help
    plz tell me again if u can and help mecoz incorrect time create ots of problem for me

  8. I have the same problem and I’ve been trying to fix it since February, its now August! Its really annoying. When I try change my country from United States to South Africa (where I live) as soon as I click save it reverts back to USA. It still has my timezone as (GMT +2) Johannesburg, but the countrys wrong and the time is about 6 hours behind where it should be!

  9. Thank you so mach! I have this problem before. following your steps, it’s easy to solute.

  10. It will work if you reboot your computer after making the changes as described above.


  11. it not working in my issue…i facing same problem i changed time zone in gmail and system time bt still its showing wrong time

  12. Worked just fine. Under My Account page i had to click on Dashboard View data stored with this account then Edit personal information to access the right page.

  13. Great, thanks! However, my computer is programmed in Korean, so I wasn’t able to fix the time zone perfectly, but it’s closer than it used to be!

  14. Hey guys… follow this carefully!!!!

    To take effect of the gmail timing, you need to follow both the steps
    1. Change the timing in your Gmail (the way it’s mentioned here)
    2. Change the timing in your PC also (its mentioned here also) (very imp)

    You need to make sure whats the exact timing zone you are…
    e.g. I am in Toronto ( So there are 2 different timing zones here
    1. EST (Eastern Standard Time) Toronto
    2. PST (Pacific Standard Time) Toronto

    After I chose EST, Gmail started showing the right timing…!!

    Thank you Abhishek… n GL to all…

  15. I tried this and still didn’t; work!!!!!! It is so annoying I have the complete wrong time on my gmail still.

  16. I have the correct info listed in both places, have checked and rechecked for months. This still is not anything new for me, and my problem still exists.

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