Change Unique Physical Network Address aka MAC Address In Windows 7

It is very rare that you need a MAC Address changer for your system. If you have been posted under parental control for the internet usage and you want to surpass it then you might want to change it, as router generally restricts you on the basis of your MAC address. For those who do not about MAC address, let me tell you that it is the hardware address of your system. The IP address on the other hand is the address being allotted by the network on which you are working. So let us see how this tool works.


This tool is known as Win7 Mac address Changer and it is like any other tool to change the MAC address of your system, now please do not go after the name of the tool as it can be used for the system having Windows Vista and Windows XP as their Operating System. You can see the screenshot of the tool right above paragraph. Here, first of all you will have to select the adapter of which you are about to change the MAC address.

Now if you have a laptop, then you might see three adapter, one of them is related to your LAN connection, the second one might be related to the Wireless Connection and the last one will be of the Bluetooth adapter on the system. You should select any of the first two and then you will see the MAC address in the application window. Now click the button Change and you will see another application window as mentioned in the snapshot below.


Here, you are supposed to select the Operating system and then you can assign the value for the MAC address, either you can provide the address from your side or you can just press the button Random, which will itself assign a random MAC address to the system and then click apply, it will restart that adapter and so your network connection. Now you will see that the MAC address has been changed of that adapter. The size of the tool is even less that 100KB and it has been checked for Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Win7 Mac Address Changer


  1. I am having difficulty running this program. It seems to keep causing unhandled exceptions. I tried running it through the compatibility checker, but everything seems to cause the error. Any ideas?

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