Change Windows 7 Starter Desktop Background, Window Color, Sounds And Screen Saver

Today I am going to  present really an interesting utility for the Windows 7 Starter users. You might be facing some problems when you have to change the desktop or display settings. You can’t apply the desktop wallpaper, screensaver, change the sound settings, desktop icons and many more. Moreover, your laptop is like a boring idiot box in front of you without these functions. But it is no more of a problem now. The new tool Personalisation Panel for Windows 7 starter sort out your problems and makes your laptop interesting. It will help you to format the display settings.

The tool is very light freeware. So, it can be downloaded very fast. It is portable and easy to use. Though the tool is self explanatory, the description given below will help you to understand and use it. The various options available has been represented in the snapshot below.


It helps you to change the Desktop Background, Window Color, Screen Saver and Sounds. You might have installed certain softwares for this purpose. They either does not provide all the functions or create problems while using.

The options are also available for changing the desktop icons. There are n number of icons available. The mouse pointers can also be changed. For every purpose, you can choose a new pointer from the list. You can set the new account picture. The picture will be displayed on the Welcome screen and the Start menu. You can select the picture either what the tool provides you or can browse it according to your choice from your photo gallery.

The tool helps you to change the display settings also. There are two display modes. The screen resolution can be varied. There are four types of orientation: Landscape, Portrait, Landscape (flipped) and Portrait (flipped).

Even the Taskbar and Start Menu can become interesting by changing their settings. The taskbar can be locked and auto-hide. It can be shifted top, left, right or bottom. The size of the icons on the taskbar can be decreased. Display of taskbar buttons can be adjusted. The system tray can be customised. These options will help you to work in a more convenient manner.

You can go through the video shown below to understand the working of this tool.

Now, Windows 7 Starter can also be viewed in the desired style. It is no more a plane black screen. View the desktop as you like.

Download Personalisation Panel for Windows 7 Starter


  1. is there audio on this video? i have no idea what you are doing. I have windows 7 starter. I followed the steps, but there is no ‘personalization’ app in documents after I open ‘winver’. I thought it was common knowledge that starter does not have this personaliztation panel, and this is why no changes can be made?

    do you have a video on how to GET the personalization panel? I’m very confused. :/

  2. You have to download the tool first. It is a freeware and the download link has been mentioned at the end of the article. Open the downloaded file. You need not to install it as it is portable. Further steps are mentioned above or shown in the video attached.

  3. the only confusing part about this whole process is that the download site is in Russian and has a links all over it!

  4. y i cant find the link to download the personalisation? i try to click the link,,but it still can not.

  5. i can`t change the theme when i ope theme it meks me like high contrast theme

  6. not able to download this as the link is taking to diferrent different websites and not providing the exact link to download the software..

  7. The link at the bottom of article has microsoft translator enabled in URL.
    This is why the download link not working.
    Go to the download page directly and click on “Скачать/Download”

  8. heloo…i hv installed tz in my win 7 starter bt ters no desktop context menu tick box in tat..

  9. hai,,hellow anybody can help?? why in my computer there isn’t personalisation in document

  10. This application works fairly well except it does not allow you to download and apply new themes. I have downloaded several and even though they show up in the manager if you select on and click apply nothing changes. It’d be nice to completely change the theme. Is there an application that works?

  11. hello guyz..owsum application out dere…link is given in below…u can download the app..the only problm wd the application is that it is not allowing me to change the color of the taskbar!!!else it is owsum!!

  12. OMG YOU SAVE MY LIFE! This sofeware is prefect and i was having trouble editing the screensaver and other stuff! I love you! You are such a genius!

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