Change Windows 7 Starter Theme, Wallpaper

We have posted many tips on how to tweak and overcome the limitations of features on windows 7 starter edition. As those who use windows 7 starter edition know that it come with a desktop background which cannot be changed or customized. However there are many ways and other software’s as well which could help you change windows 7 starter theme, wallpaper and customize it to much greater extent like other versions of windows 7.

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Procedure To Change Windows 7 Starter Theme, Wallpaper

In order to change the default theme in windows 7 starter or home basic you will need to install personalization panel which lets the users of Windows Home Basic and Starter Editions bypass limitations in both of these OS versions.

Once you have it installed, you will see the personalization option added in desktop right click menu – once you select personalization you will see the option to change the windows theme, desktop background, colors, sounds and screensavers.

Change Windows 7 Starter Theme Wallpaper

To change the theme, under personalization options, select the theme and then click the apply button. In case if you are interested in reading an extensive guide to customize windows 7 starter, you can read it here

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