Change Windows 7 Starter Wallpaper, Colours, Sounds And Screensaver

The users of windows 7 starter feel really very bored of the system as they cannot change any of the settings. The background is a plane black screen. So, after a while we think, we are sitting in front of a box making us tired. We are not able to proceed with our work efficiently like this. Though at present we have few tools available to change the settings of windows 7 starter but they might not serve all the purpose. So, I would like to review the tool named as Starter Background Changer which will help you to change the wallpaper and many other settings required in the starter version.

Starter Background Changer is a small freeware of 734 KB only. And still it can solve many of your problems. As shown in the snapshot below, the personalization panel will offer four different options: Wallpapers, Colors, Sounds and Screensavers.


Let us now go through the use of the tool. Since the utility is not only about to apply these features. It also provide many additional features with them. The use of these additional features can be seen as follows:

  • Wallpapers: You can choose the wallpaper with the help of the drop down menu. It is not compulsory to apply only one wallpaper. You can choose number of images. You may select the complete folder or many folders. Then, select images with the help of the check box given along with them. The images can be positioned in the five different styles: filling, adjust, stretch, mosaic and center. The images can change in few seconds, minutes, hours or day. The time duration can vary from 10 seconds to 1 day. You may select shuffle to randomize the sequence of wallpapers.


  • Colors: You may select six different color schemes as shown in the snapshot below. There are much more options which can be accessed through the advanced option. you may change the color of active toolbar, application background, disabled items, menu, tooltip and many more. And, you may choose any color of your choice.


  • Sounds: The sounds option will allow you to change the volume of your speakers. It will also be helpful in selecting the recording device. One of the good factors is that, it can automatically mute or reduce the speaker volume, if communication activity is detected.


  • Screensavers: You may select any of the screensaver from the drop down menu. The time duration after which the screen saver is to activated can be changed. You may also select, if you want to display logon screen when the system resumes.


The tool has been specially designed for Windows 7 Starter and solves your problems related to wallpapers, screensavers and others.

Download Starter Background Changer


  1. You can just normally go to the sounds option thing and colour scheme thing by clicking start button and typing ” theme ” for the colour scheme thing and ” change sounds ” for the sound option thing without the software. And oh yeah you can also type ” cursors ” for a cursor customization menu.

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