Check How Much Space Apps Are Using On Windows 8 Computer Or Tablet

If you have just started using Windows 8 computer or tablet or phone device and have limited amount of storage or hard disk or SSD space on your device, then it is a smart thing to keep a check on what applications are using how much space on your Windows 8 device. Doing this is important because if you have limited disk space, the performance of the device is negatively impacted if the disk space runs too low and causes the device to become slow and behave lethargic. Much like older Windows OS, in which there should be some disk space free so that the operating system does not face troubles.

In this quick tutorial, I will share a quick and easy way to check what all Apps in Windows 8 are using how much space on your Windows 8 computer or tablet device. This will also show you how much of free disk space is left on the disk. Based on this information, you can decide to remove some of the apps which you don’t use or don’t need so that you can make some free space on the drive.

Step1: Click on the bottom right of the screen and click settings.

Space Usage By Windows 8 Apps

Step 2: On settings options, click on Change PC settings.

Space Usage By Windows 8 Apps

Step 3: In PC Settings, click on General.


Space Usage By Windows 8 Apps (1)

Step 4: In general options, scroll down on the right hand side pane and locate the Available Storage section. Under this option you will see how much disk space is free, in my Windows 8 device, its 9.77 GB as shown below. To check in details which apps are using how much space in Windows 8 OS, click on View app sizes option below it and it will show you the App names with icons and the size they are using on disk.

Space Usage By Windows 8 Apps (2)

Based on this information you can decide on removing some of the Apps which might be using too much space and might not be very useful for you. Also we recommend to run disk cleanup from time to time to remove temporary file and other not so useful files which sometimes take up precious disk space on OS drive partitions making them slow.

We hope you find the above tutorial simple to follow, check out some more Windows 8 Tips and Tutorials by Trouble Fixers.

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