Check And Stop Applications From Starting Automatically


Many of my friends complain that their computer worked faster when it was new, but with time the computer has become slow. There are few reasons behind this, first is that when you compare your old computer to some new computers, you may find old one slow because of old technology hardware. The second and main reason behind the computers getting slow is because of lots of applications added to Startup or AutoStart list.

The solutions to this problem is to prevent the un-necessary applications from starting automatically each time the computer is started.


Start up applications keep consuming precious memory and CPU even when these applications are not in use. So its better you know what applications are running and remove them from startup.


Autostart Explorer To Check Startup Applications



Autostart Explorer is a free software for personal use. Download Autostart Explorer here and simply run this software tool to test which applications are there in Startup list. It will list all the applications that are started automatically, including the most common registry entries.


You can check all the softwares in by running the tool as shown above. If you feel there are many entries which are useless or such softwares which can be removed from startup, you can remove the. By removing these applications these will still be there in your computer, but will use memory and CPU resources when you run them. To remove the un-necessary applications from startup list, see this tutorial on Removing Un-necessary Applications using Autoruns tool.


  1. My fave app to complete the above is “Starter”. Nice alternative btw.

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