Delete Entries Options in Google Chrome Right Click Menu

Google Chrome as I have seen from the start has evolved a lot since it was launched four years back on 2nd September 2008. It has become now the most liked and user appreciated fast browser available, it has eaten users share from Internet Explorer. But there are always some things which keep adding in free software which slowly makes it slow to use, talking about google chrome extensions for instance, there are many good extensions developed for google chrome and most important of the end user they are free to use.

But nothing comes free, if it comes then there are some annoyances which comes with the free google chrome extension and one of that I have started seeing in latest version of google chrome where in some extensions add right click context menu entries which seems non useful and annoying to me and I am sure there many more who would like to agree with me.

These context menu entries makes the right click menu in google chrome and adds little delay to it when you try to open it as you can see in the image below.

Google Chrome Bulky Right Click Menu

Out of all the entries highlighted above, I use only one of them which says Save current session which is for an extension called Session Buddy which allows you to save and later export google chrome opened websites pages tabs. Now the primary question which lies here is how to remove these entries and the answer to this question is complex as some times these entries are too easy to remove and some times you cant actually remove these entries without disabling the extension completely.

Does Google Chrome Offers a Way To Remove These Entries In Right Click Menu?

No, Google Chrome does not allow you as if now a way you can remove these entries unless you disable the respective google chrome extension completely.

Removing Extension Right Click Menu Entry in Google Chrome

Each extension has their own option access differently to remove these options in right click menu. For instance if we talk about Share Page with Hotot entry highlighted in the page above, then to remove it from right click menu you can follow the procedure below.

Delete Share Page with Hotot in Google Chrome

For this open google chrome and Go to Google Chrome Settings

Google Chrome Settings

Now click Extensions in the left page as shown in the image below.

Google Chrome Extensions

Under extension you will need to locate Hotot and then click to open options. If you don’t see options then we are sorry there is no way to remove this from right click menu other than disabling the extension. In such cases you can ask the developer of the extension to add this option to future updates.

Note: To disable any extension at this page you just need to uncheck the checkbox which says enabled as you can see in the image above.

Deleting LastPass Option In Google Chrome Right Click Menu

Another example like this in which the extension was mature enough to have the option to disable the context menu entry is Lastpass, as this extension has options under which you can disable the context menu entry.

In this case I followed the same way to go into settings and then extensions sections, and after locating LastPass I found the options link as you can see in the screenshot below.

LastPass Options To Remove Extension

When I clicked at the options, I found that there was an option to disable the entry as shown in the image below.

Hide LastPass context Menu Entry Google Chrome

After the removal of some of these entries, this is how the right click menu looked as shown in the image below.

Google Chrome Right Click Menu Clean

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