Clean Unwanted Files Settings and Entries From Windows

We would always prefer to keep our system updated, where all the required files are present and the files which are of no use should be deleted. Also, we would never like that we have to spend a lot of time in just managing the files. So, we prefer to use a cleaner. You might have gone through many cleaner softwares or might be using one. But the general problem is that they are not efficient enough to remove all the unwanted items. So, today I would like to review a utility known as Xleaner. It is capable of deleting all the unwanted items based on few specifications.

Xleaner is a small freeware of 1.13 MB. It is a portable device. And a folder will be automatically created in C drive for the log files when you use the utility for the first time. The user interface has been displayed in the snapshot below.


Click on Manage Cleaning Jobs to give the specify the deletion criteria. It will open a new dialog box for you. The manager dialog box has six tabs to make the choices as shown in the snapshot. The Windows tab will allow you to choose the locations which contains the unwanted items and needs to be deleted. Some of these are file search list, to empty recycle bin, recent documents, clipboard, temp folder and many more like this. You simply have to check box the desired options.


Similarly, other tabs can be used. The tool presents six browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome and Safari. You can delete history, cookies or browser cache from the required browser. Also, you can choose the Microsoft Office files that are to be deleted. The tool supports 97, 2000, 2003, 2003 Templates and 2007. Also the the deletion can be done in a customized format based on Folders, Files and Drive Ops.

Apart from these there is a large set of settings to make the tool more handy. The settings are as: General, Log, Update, Security and Advanced. For example, from log you can change the folder where the log files are to be saved. Similarly, you can make other changes.


Though Xleaner gives good results as compared to other similar softwares but still it does not remove the log files. Some of the other similar tools which we have posted in past and you may like are: Comodo System Cleaner, Delete Files By Date, RecycleBinEx, RightDelete and many more.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and it is also compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download Xleaner

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