Free Up Space On USB Pen Drive By Removing Unnecessary And Hidden System Files and Folder

There are many types of cleaners available for cleaning the junk files and folders created by the Windows Operating system in a Laptop or a computer. But we still don’t have a software available for cleaning the USB drive. Today I have got one such software for you name USBDriveFresher which will help you to clean the USB drive of the Junk and unwanted files. The software will help you to refresh your drive every time you connect it to your PC to avoid any junk files getting transferred to your PC from the USB drive which win turn will help you to keep your PC clean and free from all such files.

The application also has the options to define the set of rules to specify which type of files do you want to remove from your USB drive. Whenever you connect your computer to different computers you may see some file or folders which get created in your drive like thumbs.db, .Trashes, .Spotlight-V100, .ds_store and many more. Once you start using this application you will never see these files again in your USB drive as this application will automatically remove all such files from your drive when you connect your USB drive to your computer. The tool is designed in a way that you can set the settings once and then forget about it. The application will take care of the rest whenever you will connect the USB drive to your computer.

usbfreshersetup 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. This first window has options like Run at Windows Startup, Run Hidden, Automatically cleanup USB Drive when connected, Silent auto-cleanup. All these options have a checkbox in front of them to select or unselect the desired option. None of these options are selected by default. Then there is a section which contains all the files which have to cleaned up. Below this section there are three buttons Add, Modify and Remove. These buttons are used to Add new file types to the cleanup Rules, Modify existing file types and Remove a file type if you want to.

usbfreshersetup 2

These are the three customized option that you will get to clean the USB drive i.e. Clean USB Memory Drive now, Cleanup All USB drives now and Custom Cleanup. You can select from any of these three option depending upon your requirement. The application provides you the options to auto clean any USB drive as soon as you connect it to your computer.

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