Clean Viruses From Your USB Drives – Delete Virus Created Files And Other Specific Files From Pen Drives With USBDriveFresher


It could happen that you suddenly see some useless files created on your USB portable devices like pen drives, iPod and Memory Card etc. These files may be sometimes created by some virus infection which might have come after you had used your USB drive on any other computer which is already infected with some virus.

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When you drive get infected normally the virus will create some virus executables and autorun.inf files which will make the executable run the next time you connect that drive to any other computer, so in order to remove virus from pen drive you will need to remove autorun.inf and other virus files

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Here is how you can remove these files and make your drive free from virus


USBDriveFresher [ via BlogsDNA ] is a free to use tool to clean up your USB drives from unwanted and useless files. It will remove the files like thumbs.db, or .Trashes folder etc and moreover you can also configure what to delete and what not to delete on your USB portable drive.


It can perform following type of clean ups

1. Customizable cleanup of files and folder which you specify

2. Predefined cleanup settings you had specified

3. Clean USB drive with a single mouse click

4. Auto cleanup of USB drive when it is plugged in to your computer

5. Folder deletion on USB Drive

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  1. I am using Compaq CQ40-108TU laptop.I have forgetten my bias password. how to recover it.

  2. Hi Rohit,
    Really good post. Helped me clean a virus from my pen drive just before I plugged it into a client computer. Good stuff buddy. Keep up the good work.

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