Computer hangs when creating new folder


Recently one of our frequent readers and my colleague Saurabh reported a problem, whenever he does right-click to create a new folder, his computer stops responding for a while. Everything freezes and he has to end explorer.exe task to recover from it.

Why computer hangs on clicking new?

This happened every-time he does a right-click and New option. This kind of problem occurs when one or more of the entries on the New option gets corrupted or the link is not actually available for some item. In such case, explorer will try hard to locate the missing item and will hang.

Lets see how to fix it.


The fix is simple, remove those entries which are not useful or invalid from the New context menu. The fix is simple but the way to do it manually is bit cumbersome with registry editor. So lets see a simple way to fix it with the help of a utility called Tweak UI.

You can download Tweak UI from this link. Download and install tweak UI and launch the application, go to My computer > Template option in the utility as shown in the image below.

Un-check those options which you don’t use and specially those entries which you think are out-of-date / missing / not-installed anymore on your computer.


There are many more customizations which you can do with this utility. It is worth a try.

we hope this helps to fix the trouble!


  1. Hello to troublefixers……

    I was having virus on my PC but now its free of it..
    but still there are 3 folders on my HDD which hangs the screen momentarily (it doesnt respond for a while) when i click on them, when trying to open them. I have also formatted my bootable drive but still the problem persists.
    One folder is having MP3 files and other Softwares.

    I hope u will be solving my problem vry soon…. Thankyou

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been having this problem for quite some time, and I just stopped creating new documents all together because of it on this PC. When right clicking for ‘properties’ I had to go in a half circle around the ‘new’ option because even sliding over it would send my PC into super hang time and crash everything. I used this fix and everything is back to normal! Perfect fix!

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