Computer is slow at start up, takes too long to boot up


Recently a friend of mine asked us to help her out with slow start up of her computer. It takes too long to boot the computer. It was very slow even after it boots. Though the computer had a decent hardware configuration.

This problem is not un-common. The main reason behind such problems is too many start-up tasks start when windows start. Also as we install different software or applications on computer, there are some background tasks associated with some applications which start running at start-up.


How to identify the trouble?

Press Shift+Ctrl+Esc key together. This will open up windows task manager.
Click on Performance tab. It looks like something as shown below in the image.

If your the PF usage as shown in the bottom left graph below is higher than the amount of your computer’s RAM (Physical memory), then it slows down your computer considerably. The performance becomes poor and slow.

In such case you need to disable some of your start-up tasks which are not essential for the system. See the steps below for steps to disable start-up tasks.


How to Fix the trouble?

Startup tasks can be easily disabled with the help of a utility by Microsoft called Autoruns. You can download Autoruns from this link. After download, unzip and run Autoruns.exe . It will load like snapshot below. Click on Logon tab as shown in red circle in picture below.

Logon tab shows all the tasks which are automatically start every time windows starts. Have a close look and disable some of the tasks which you don’t need at startup. For example, in some computers, at logon, web cam software, acrobat reader, real player up-dater, yahoo messenger , etc. applications start running while you may not be needing the all the time.

To disable un-necessary items to load at logon, simply un-check those items in the log-on tab as below. These applications can be started later when needed from start menu. After un-checking, just restart your computer and see the difference.


NOTE: Do not disable tasks which you are not very sure about, as they may stop some useful applications to stop from loading at start-up.

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  1. We logon to windows 2003 server from XP system.
    It shows ‘applying your personal settings’and waits for 3 to 5 minutes every time I login from my system.
    How to solve the problem ?

  2. I liked the u r way of troubleshooting and i will inform my friends also.

    i have problem whenever i open my drives it shows an error that “Application can not run in win32 mode”
    i did my best but not able to solve this plz help me out

  3. @ Lalit

    After reading this it is clear that whenever you open a drive, some executable file is trying to run which is why u get this error message.
    There must be a file autorun.inf in all your drives which are giving you such a problem.

    Please see the post below and follow the steps to remove autorun.inf , see step 7 , 8 and 9 follow these steps for all your drives which are giving such a problem:

  4. Hi All,

    When i try to connect to a windows XP system using remote desktop connectoin from win XP. I can get the login screen of the system. But when i type the user name and password, the letters are not the exact one. I am getting some junk value in the user name and password field. Kindly help on this.

  5. “Simple Click By Click Formula Transforms Any Dead-Slow PC Into a Stable, Lightning Fast and Secure System…In Just 15 Minutes!”

  6. Hey some days ago I took ma hard drive to a frnd to hv some data from him…..after I connect the hard drive to the pc….it takes toooooo long to start up. And and the light that indicates the hard drive is always lighten. and after 24/25 mins when it starts I cant enter into any drives…..says not responding and hanged. I hv to press the reset key and then again same problem.What I can do???? PLZ help….:(
    Windows XP service pack 2
    Hd 160 GB
    1 GB of RAM
    Intel DG31 motherboard

  7. My computer seems to be a bot slow and when i go on to a Bingo site i play on it doesnt let me in the chat rooms even though i have a flashplayer installed. It also doesnt call the numbers just shows them. I have tried everything. Plz help.

  8. I have 2 identical laptops and they both started operating slowly and crashing. I reformated one of them. I installed Microsoft Office 2003. Now the mouse often freezes in position and after waiting for a while it can be used again. I reinstalled the driver and that did not help. Also some times when I try to move a page across the scteen it leaves a trail of the page. I thought it might be a heat problem and sprayed Dust Off inside the laptop. That didn’t help. Do you have any ideas?

    One of my screens failed and I purchased a new one, installed it and it is working fine.

    Thank you for the work you do on this web site.

    The PF usage is about half my ram and it shows 46 processes

  9. my server win 2000 advance takes too much time on perparing network connection. What is the reason?

  10. I have pentium dualcore 1.6 gHz
    1.5 GB Ram
    160 GB HDisk
    Windows xp sp3

    But the pc is taking too much time to start (around 15 min),even the programs are taking too much time to run in the windows

    Could someone help me out

  11. I also have the same problem as Ady have, did any one knows solution for this problem.

    Please help me. …… 🙁

  12. PC is not working properly it become very slow response when starting up & also on all other processes also the text on the icons doesnt show, this all happened after the PC been formatted as it was infected with virus. “PC has a common user name”

  13. I have pentium d 3.0 gHz
    1.24 GB Ram
    80 GB HDisk
    Windows xp sp3

    But the pc is taking too much time to start (around 15 min),even the programs are taking too much time to run in the windows

    Could someone help me out

  14. when i startup my pc in the morning it takes too more time than others. plz help me!

  15. What kind of start-up tasks are necessary to leave running? Because I’ve disabled all but my virus-scanners because my computer was running so slow.

    As yet, no problems and it’s running a lot better.

  16. After trying out several suggestions in forums, help pages, etc, I remembered a friend had the same problem and I solved it by simply replacing the computer power cable. I did this with my computer, and the problem was solved! No more startup delays.

  17. dear sir,
    my system is celeron M processor with 512 mb ram. its taking too much time to boot in hibernet mode / shut down mode . Earlier it was taking just 25-30 seconds for booting but now it is taking around 3-4 minuts. after booting it is working nicely……….plz. suggest me some solution so that it can be boot as earlier.

  18. hey everyone a good article thank you , the msconfig command is a good one to disable any programs you don’t need at startup and remember the more programs at startup the longer it takes your computer to start thank you .

  19. ps : this command can be used this way by clicking on start then run then typing the command then start up , uncheck any programs you don’t need .

  20. anyway defragmenting the hard drive is a good start to make your computer run faster by reorganizing the files , you can also try deleting any software you don’t need and make sure that your hard drive has some free space for the ram i think 500 megabytes would be optimal ; there is also a very good software which overclocks ie increases the speed of your cpu it”s called mz cpu accelerator , you have to download it from softpedia because it”s a good and a trusted website ; to defragment your hard drive click on start then point to all programs then click on accessories then on system tools then on disk defragmenter , make sure you have got at least 15 percent free space on the selected drive or partition for optimal results so that would e probably be the c drive because it contains the operating system .

  21. Yesterday I assembled a new PC in which, Intel Desktop Board “DG41 WV”, CPU Core 2 Due 2.93 GHZ, DDR3 2GB Ram, 320 GB HDD. After installing windows 7 ultimate, booting is very slow, Intel welcome screen with F2 function keys showing 1 to 2 minute, its a very long time to boot.

    Anybody have solution of like this problem.

  22. Hi well ive been expierencing problems with my computer i have reseted it to the factory like whne you first buy it but it only works for a while then it will take to long to startup

  23. Well what can i say. my computer (laptop) has slowly been getting slower over the last year, so two minutes after following your instruction it is like a new computer Many thanks

  24. Good article. But it doesn’t help me. I only have three start-up applications:
    AVG (my anti-virus)
    Spybot tea-timer
    Something called rdpclip (I have no idea what it is and it states file not found)

    It still takes my laptop an age at start-up. I get logged into Windows pretty quickly (not as quick as when I bought it 4 years ago, but still pretty good). But it will then be ridiculously sluggish for around 20 minutes; many programs will repeatedly become temporarily unresponsive. After 20 minutes though, everything is great. Almost as good as when I bought it. And I cannot figure out why it goes like this for this 20 minute period.

    My PF usage is never higher than my RAM. Any assistance would be great.

  25. Some times computer start-up and running become slow due to defects developed in the window registry. In such situation roll back (System Restore ) the registry to previous dates when your computer was working corrctly. Help for restore. Click Start->All Programs->Accessories -> System Tools> System Restore (to early date).

  26. Its only for windows problems, if system start at first boot log on display( Whaen Press On Button and PC will start, Give the Logo Display As Intel Or Other brands like Giagabyte, after this step system wo too slow boot for windows.

  27. I know this trble-shooting method..
    but dis is not helping me solve the current problem

  28. when i start my computer after using of 5 or 6 days it take time to open plz any slove my problem

  29. I just connected my computer to windows 2008 server, It take long to start when using a user name from the server, but when connecting to the computer using a user name it is faster.

    Please help me solve this problem.

  30. My hp(dv6426us) is not booting up.After switching on,it takes too long time to show the company logo and after a long time it turns off without showing any other performance.But sometimes the pc perform normal.

  31. my pc just recently started giving wierd noises and the noise is constant
    its boots up very slow and takes a lot of time to startup
    i have tried reinsatlling windows but it doesnt help
    my pc is new and i dun know what has happened
    plz help
    the noise is not 4m da fan and is most probably cming 4m da harddisk

  32. Oh and it should also be mentioned that, if you are a fanatical defragmenter anyways, you should DEFINATELY not use the Windows one. The base design is good, but it’s awful at what it does (which should be another obvious reason as to why defragmenting isn’t at all that nescessary – in which case they would’ve included at least a decent defragmenter). Check reviews of defragmenters or ask in a tech forum. There are plenty of free ones that’s better than the standard one, although paying for one would probably be worth it if you want higher odds of not ruining your HDD.

    Don’t take me on my word though, you should never believe everything you read. Although you probably also understand that it wouldn’t make sense if everybody lied. I’ll have the comfort of saying “what did I say” anyways – and people will hate me for it 🙂

  33. My version of windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit suddenly started taking eons to start up. Like everybody else I trawled the internet for a solution.

    Given that it was a recently fresh installation there were not many items clogging up the startup when I ran msconfig so I was a little puzzled.

    I was also having trouble running the backup program as it would fail every time. Note that the system file checker would also fail at about 47% and although windows own check disc tool sometimes found a few errors it did not solve the problem

    So….heres what I did to fix the problem. I downloaded a program called HDD Regenerator and registered the full version. I created a cd and booted from that. I told the program to scan for faulty sectors and or clusters and also opted for the repair option.

    I set it running and went to bed. When I woke up I removed the cd from the drawer and rebooted. The system started up in seconds.

    I used HDD regenerator but there are certainly more HD repair programs out there.

  34. my pc will not restart when i forcely restart and after shutting down also it will nt start when i turn on

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