[Solved] Computer Speakers Not Working Properly

For past sometime I had been really annoyed with my computer speakers not working properly. I have a 2.1 stereo speakers of which the sub-woofer was working fine, left side speaker was working fine, but the right side speaker was sometimes low in sound and at times it was totally silent. When I tweaked the volume control, it worked sometime, sometimes it did not work. I finally managed to fix it with a simple way.


In this post I will share some general troubleshooting tips and ways to make your computer or other speakers systems work correctly.

How To Troubleshoot Speaker Systems ?

Step 1 : Check Speakers Balance Settings

Before making your hands dirty, its always a better option to check the balance settings on your computer. Many a times, the balance settings cause one speaker to be less loud or at times silent compared to other speaker. Check the balance settings on the sound card settings and media player settings. To test the speakers, set the balance to center and see if the both speakers sound properly, if now, then see step 2. Below are some snapshot showing balance settings on my computer’s sound card drivers, it may be different in different computers. Also I have included snapshot of balance settings of Winamp.

winamp balance settings

sound card balance settings

Step 2 : Check Connectors And Connections

Power off all the systems related to computer and the speakers to avoid any electrical hazard. Check that all the speakers are connected as per the guide or user manual. Checking connections only is not enough, especially when speakers are sometime old. In case of old speakers, the connectors or pins tend to get corroded and a layer of rust or some white deposits collects on the pins, which obstructs current flow and makes some of the speakers to malfunction. Ensure that speakers or computer is totally unplugged from power supply before you clean its pins. To clean the connector pins, take a clean soft cloth, some nail-polish remover, wet the cloths with 4 to 5 small drops of the nail-polish remover solution, use that slightly wet cloth to clean the pins of the speaker wires until the pins are clean and metal looks shiny and clean. After this, clean it with dry cloth to wipe off any moisture on the pins, reconnect the pins and all other speaker system wiring, turn on the speakers, and voila, its starts working 🙂 It worked for me, it may work for you as well.


Step 3 : Specific Troubleshooting & Repair

If both steps mentioned above, don’t help you, refer to the troubleshooting guidelines in the user manual, if it still does not work, its better to take it the service center and get it repaired.


  1. Hi, my speakers work all fine with any other device like ipod or mobile (both speakers work) but when connected to the pc, Only one works, this happens in vlc player and windows media player both. I even re installed my windows but still no good, I balanced all sound volumes in every manner, still this problem doesn’t solves. the left speakers doesn’t work but the bass can be felt from it. thanks

  2. Both my speakers used to work fine, but somehow starting yesterday my left speaker didn’t work
    tried putting the wires differently so the left goes to right etc & now my right one wont work
    so the left speaker DOES work they just wont work both at the same time anymore even when i switch the wires from left to right, one of the 2 speakers gives this humming sound u can bearly hear
    please let me know what to do! i don’t feel like handing over my speakers now that i’ve got them for only a few weeks or so

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