Configure, Set A Program To Open A File Type

In Windows, Explorer is the default file manager which categories file types based on the filename extensions. Each file type has its corresponding properties like icon, a set of context menu commands and more. If we want to make changes in few file type, it becomes a bit difficult to locate each one.

For this, there is a small utility called Types which allows you to make changes in any number of file types with ease.

Types is a compact freeware which lists all the file types present in the explorer and provides simple options of editing. It is fully compatible with windows xp, vista and 7. It requires .Net framework for its installation.

After installation, when you will run this application, it will list all the file types currently present in the explorer. It provides the option of ‘refresh’ in case any file type that has been added after running this utility can be added to the list.


You can select any of the file type and can make changes in it using the tools present in the main window or you can explore the options by clicking ‘right-click’ on the file type. Using either of the method will open a new edit window in which there are 4 tabs.


The new window with 4 tabs will let you know about the class, menu , icon of the selected file type. In ‘class’ option, you can change the main class,  linked class and the type(may be audio, video and more) of the file type using the drop-down menu if you want to.

For example, if i want to select the the type of 3gpp type to video then, i will just have to use the drop-down menu of type and select the most suited one or of my preference (i.e. video).


The ‘Menu’ option will allow you to delete that file type. Also, it will let you know its file location which you can change if you want.


The ‘icon’ option will let you change the icon of the selected file type from a list.


In ‘other’ option, you can change the extension visibility option i.e. whether you want to see the extension or not.

There is a tool on the main window which will show you the file types related to a particular class. For example, if i have chosen WinRAR class, when i will select this option, it will show all the file types of this class present in the list.


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