How To Copy Photos To iPhone From Computer

Transferring pictures form iPhone to computer is pretty simply when you connect it via Data Cable. You can also automate copying pictures from iPhone to PC, also here is a trick to copy pictures from iPhone on WiFi network. But doing a reverse is often difficult, which is how to copy images or photos from your computer or PC to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is not as difficult as you might think, its just bit tricky. In this tutorial, I will share a simple 4 step method to transfer any pictures from your computer to iPhone.


First of all connect your iPhone to the computer with which you Sync your iPhone. This is very very important ā€“ because if you use any other computer and sync it using below method, you stand a chance of loosing your iPhones data as this method involves an iTunes Sync.

Just follow these 4 Simple steps to add images to your iPhone.

Step 1: Click on the iPhone sidebar of iTunes after you connect your iPhone via data cable and it is detected.

Step 2: Click on the Photos tab on the top as seen in the snapshot.

Step 3 : Choose the Folder which contains the photos or images which you want to transfer to the iPhone

Step 4: Click Sync button at the bottom right to transfer these pictures to the iPhone.


click to enlarge the image. Hope you find this tutorial easy to follow.


  1. thats exactly what i did but my photos does not transfer. They are .jpg files and my phone is a jailbroken 3.1.3. please advise me. thank you

  2. Hello Jack. I had the same problem as you because I had previously downloaded some applications(such as skype, bible,…) on the iphone. Thus it could not synchronize without asking me to delete those applications first. So I had to go the “application” tap first and select all the downloaded applications(without synchronizing them), then I proceed with the procedure described earlier and it worked fine. Give it a try.

  3. Thankyou! You offered a quick effective solution to a frustrating problem. šŸ™‚

  4. Didn’t work for me. Tried it many times. Any other ideas? Read somewhere to reset your cache and sync?

  5. when i m copying photos from my laptop to iphone 4 ,it creates 2 copy in iphone 4.what do i do?

  6. Thanks for the wonderful tip…it was easy…just choose the folder on the right sided down-scrolling bar,at the photos section,and click sync!

  7. That Step 3 “Select Folder to Sync” is the catch for me.
    It wont let me pic any other folder to sync into.
    I want to put a folder for “Portraits” and a different folder for “Boudoir”
    iTunes only highlights “all folders” *I cant click on “Select Folders”
    When I went ahead and tried, it deleted all my photos and replaced them all with the boudoir pics.
    HELP! :/

  8. I have succeeded to copy photos from PC to iPhone via iTunes, but when I’m copying another folder, it will replacing the existing folder with the new one. Any idea how to solve it? :'(

  9. You mean I can’t just drag the dang photo to the iPhone. This is insane.

  10. I wanted to transfer 1 single photo to the phone so that I could send an SMS. Now I’m “syncing” whatever that means, and it’s taking 20 minutes to transfer the 1 single photo. Overall I’m happy since switching from PC, but this is total nonsense and making me rethink that decision. It’s still copying btw.

  11. have succeeded to copy photos from PC to iPhone via iTunes, but when Iā€™m copying another folder, it will replacing the existing folder with the new one. Any idea how to solve it? :ā€™(

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