[How To] Convert Facebook Profile To Page

If you are an early adopter of Facebook, which was founded in year 2003 and have profiles created for your business, you might be wondering why your business profile on Facebook looks so different from the moderns Facebook pages for brands. The reason behind the same is that earlier, the business pages looked very similar as they were technically like profiles only. If you have one such account for your business page, you can change the same to the new Facebook Page format by using the migrate feature.

Facebook Page

Here are few important points when you migrate your profile to a Facebook Page:

  • All the friends and followers on the profile will be converted to page fans or people who like your page
  • All the profile pictures will be transferred to page pictures
  • Username of the profile will become the username of the page
  • The name of the profile will become the name of the page

Some important points to note:

  • Page name can not be changed by migrations process, if you want a different name page, you have to create a new page
  • Before you migrate, make sure you download your timeline information, just in case. Here is some information on how to download your timeline data.
  • If you have pages linked to the profile which you are going to migrate, add some administrator to such linked pages

Once you have considered all the above factors, you can simply login to the Facebook account which you want to convert, then go to this link to migrate.

FB Migration Page

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