Create More Than One Set Of Recovery CD On HP Laptop Computer


It may happen when you had created a set of recovery CDs for recovery and reinstall of windows but for some reason you are not able to locate the created recovery CD you had created and stored.


It had happened to one of my friend who had a hp laptop, some how she managed to get her laptop repaired and working from the manufacturer but she want to create a new set of recovery CDโ€™s now.


HP laptop or Hp Desktop computer does not allow to create more set of recovery CD be default. Hp does not allow more than one set of recovery CD/DVD as they think that might be used to distribute the operating system software illegally.


Letโ€™s discuss the hack to create more than one set of recovery CDs on HP laptop


The basic trick behind this is that hp laptop does not allow you to open or navigate the recovery drive contents.


Follow the procedure to create more than one set of recovery CDs

1. Download Free Commander from here

2. Open D:\ Drive in Free Commander, assuming d is the recovery partition on your hp laptop computer

3. Find and Delete a file named HPCD.SYS in D:\ drive root folder . In newer HP systems, the fine name is hpdrcu.prc and its present in three locations. Search and delete hpdrcu.prc.

4. Navigate to the windows folder at C:\Windows\SMINST and delete another file with the same name HPCD.SYS

5. Thatโ€™s it done you can now create new sets of recovery CDs or DVDs


  1. This is what I was looking for. Many of my friends asked this question to me but I was not able to answer them now I can refer them to your post.

    Anyways thanks for this useful hack ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I was looking for this as I lost one of recovery CD and HP doesn’t allow me to create another !

    Thanks a ton

  3. Thanks Alot Man this save me 20 dollars i wish there was donate button so i could give you at least 5 dollars

  4. i deleted them but on using the recovery it gets to 50percent then stops, says cancel you can resume it when you start up the programme next time????? any idea why?

  5. Thank’s, now If you could tell me of a way to do this from within linux, and burn the cd’s from there…

  6. Fantastic, Bravo
    I was about to order another set from HP for 0$ plus 5$ shipping.

    I have one another question. Whereare they keeping Vista license key?

    I undersand that this is my licensed copy but can I install this on my another pc? don’t want to install anyways ecause my HP Laptop came with XP original but just curious

  7. Thank you for this operation but it looks like jeopardizing the machine if process fails, here i want to share my experience about how to make multiple set of recovery discs.

    if you have made on set successfully.
    1) install NERO BURNING ROM SOFTWARE (this software is to burn the CDs DVD for data, Videos etc.)
    2) using nero select copy disc and choose image writer instead of your installed CD/DVD writer.
    3) once the operation completes you will find back-up file named *.nrg (this file contains all files as it is on source disc)
    4) later you can burn the image using your CD/DVD burner.

    this is my experienced procedure without tempering pre-installed operating system by HP.

    one more thing people can also use deamon tools / alcohol 120% to create and burn the image.

    if you succeed pray for me.

  8. Oh, no… I don’t think this works anymore… I just checked, and I’ve been searchin’ for these files, but I just can’t seem to find them… Windows must have caught on, and so must’ve HP… oh, well, I’ll just make the disks, and save the image… it sounds like an easier plan than tampering with code to me…

  9. I have tried this (works) and just wanted to share some information.

    This really works and I’ve just got my self an additional set of Recovery Disks (DVDs) burned. First I was unable to find the file HPCD.SYS in my recovery partition. Then I realized it was there but hidden.

    However when I was searching for the folder C:\Windows\SMINST, it was revealed that there was no such a folder. Later I found that HP has moved this to C:\Program Files\SMINST. The file HPCD.SYS is also hidden there.

    Renamed the files and got my extra copy created.

    Thanks for your support.

  10. As I type, I am creating my second set of recovery CDs on my new HP laptop (G60 series) thanks to the tool and help found in this troublefixers forum.
    As mentioned by Dishan, the HPCD.SYS file on the main C: drive can be found in the Program Files folder.
    I run out of DVDs during the creation of the first recovery set, so I had to stop the recovery manager process, and then one of my DVDs turned into a coaster, so I suspect that my first set will not work should I need it. I really needed a second set and I don’t understand why HP would not allow everyone to do so.

  11. Just wanna say thanks you saved me tons of time googling, and a huge headache. It took longer to install freecommander than to delete the files! lol Thx again

  12. Muchas Gracias amigo, me sacaste del problema que tenia

    Thank you very much, you got me the solution to my problem

    Thanks again for the tip

  13. on the new hp systems it is actually in three locations and is named hpdrcu.prc just a heads up

  14. Thanks jimbob.
    I have new HP Pavlion dv6-2005ax. hpcd.sys not working but hpdrcu.prc is worked well.
    I want to creacte another recovery disc. because oderd recovery disc is not same as recovery disc created from my computer. hp oderd recovery disc take more time to recover the OS than my disc.

  15. Thanks Dear

    But my problem not solved.

    but I tried it . The file hpdrcu.prc was found in my recovery partition only in one location. it was deleted. but on search no other such file found. and on computer restart same message the one set of recovery disc receated no further Allowed.

    and No hpcd.sys file found.

    I have purchased a HP G60 511CA model. and windows 7 64bit Home prememim Installaed Allready.

    Can any body help me to create a set of recovery Disc.

  16. Found a soulution:
    Search both the D:\ and C:\ drives for hpdrcu.prc. I found another copy in appdata on the C:\ drive. No third instance, however. But the good news is I now have a new set of recovery dvds!

  17. Thanks All Dear,

    I tried it again and search the hpdrcu.prc file in free commander programme search bar . this file was present in my C: Drive at three place, C:\programdata\hP\recovery, and c:\all user\hp\recovery , C:\anjum\desktop

    After delete of this file from all above location. I was succeeded to make my recovery DVD successfully.

    Thanks a lot once again.

    M.Ramzan Anjum

  18. Hey there.

    I have an HP 8710W. I got the same problem as above.Need at second set of recovery disc.
    But i can’t find/ locate any of the files hpdrcu.prc or hpcd.sys on the computer. I have search C: and D: drive but no. I have been looking in system files and hidden files.
    Someone give me a hint ?



  19. Thanx very very much man! you don’t know how much trouble you avoided for me with this solution. I left my Recovery disks at US and now i live in Brazil so i dind’t know what i was going to do! God bless you dude!

  20. hello, I have hp mini 210, i dont have a hpcd.sys, one way to make another copy of dvd recovery is install a factory system with a recovery partition. on this operation all data will be erased from hard disk. make a copy of important files, email, adres and document. sorry for my english. luk

  21. @Jan Iversen May 6, 2010 at 2:20 am
    How are you searching for the files? A regular search within Windows won’t work. You need to download and install Free Commander at the link above. I have a one week old HP Laptop with Windows 7 Premium 64bit and I found hpdrcu.prc in 4 locations:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Recovery\hpdrcu.prc
    C:\Users\All Users\Hewlett-Packard\Recovery\hpdrcu.prc

    I have not yet tried to create another set of recovery discs so I can’t tell you if deleting these files will work. But I did find them and thought it might help you.

  22. i found the HPCD.SYS file as it said and deleted them but when i tried to make a second set of disks, it says that the boot section of the recovery partion no long exist contact HP.
    i was able to restore them from the garbage bin and now i get that the disk were already made. Any suggestion this is on a media center desktop m7167c.

  23. Just a note on older systems, like my Compaq Presario Windows XP (SP1) computer. I always have my computers set to see hidden files. I can also open my D: recovery partition and see the files. The regular WinXP file search will find the HPCD.SYS files on both the C and D partitions…This shows you how much more freedom there used to be. Just bought a Win7 machine 3 weeks ago, and it limits you in just about anything you want to do.

  24. It’s me again, from the post above. Looks like I’m not as lucky as everybody else. Removing the two HPCD.SYS files may have removed the message telling me I already burned a recovery disc, but it’s been replaced with a message saying:

    No valid CD/DVD boot image structure found in “I386”

    Guess HP/Compaq decided to do something different just for my computer.

  25. hi i just bought a CQ5320F CompaQ I JUST CREATED RECOVERY DISCS
    IF I RE FORMAT IF THE DISKS BREAKS Fails can i make a second copy set of Recovery

  26. Hello,
    like panzer said, DVD creation process stops after burning first DVD with error that there was an error creating recovery discs. I’ve tried 3 different DVD+R disks – nothing.
    hpdrcu.prc – deleted on all 3 locations. looked on created DVD Nr.1 – looks ok.
    Notebook HP Pavillion DV7. Any ideas?

  27. On the G60 the HPCD.SYS is: C:\ProgramData\Hewlett-Packard\Recovery\HPCD.SYS

  28. Hi,
    it looks that solution is found. Faulty DVD-Rom device. It fails to write full DVD disk.
    HP service will replace device into a new one. Hope this will help.

  29. Hi,
    Thanks for the solution to make another set of Recovery Discs. My drive was dying, and I needed to make the set for the new drive. The “File Commander” is great, it is the only way to get into the files on the D:\HPRecovery partition. Mine was a HP a1210n, and this worked great!
    It’s great that you have this website that actually helps people. We should all keep helping each other when these greedy companies try to stop us from using the products that we PAY FOR!

  30. install Free Commander at the link above
    and I did what Bryan has writen
    which is deleting these files
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Recovery\hpdrcu.prc
    C:\Users\All Users\Hewlett-Packard\Recovery\hpdrcu.prc

    although I didn’t find all of them I was able to run my Recovery Media Creation
    splitting system image is in progress,but until now I didn’t reach the request for the blank DVD-R

  31. hi…i just bought a Dv6t select edition win7 spet/2010
    and i used free commander to navigate to c:\programdata\hewlett-packard\recovery –> and delete or rename the hpdrcu.dat and also delete or rename d\: hpdrcu.dat

    and it worked

  32. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I made the disk when i bought my computer and sice then i have moved and couldn’t find my disks. so I found this article and it completely works on my hp desktop computer. Its being written as I type. THANK YOU

  33. It worked with my new baby Lappy:
    [May you get blessed with a son soon (or may be twins)]

    HP dv6
    Intel(r) Core(TM) i5 CPU
    M430@ 2.27Ghz
    4GB RAM, 500GB HDD
    64 bit Window 7 Premium

  34. I was changing the harddrive in my HP Pavillian a605x to a larger one and the answer provided here was most valuable found. Just make sure you get both hpcd.sys file off both C: & D: drive the downloaded program made them accessable to delete.
    Thanks for saving me time and money

  35. your solution is worked with my friends laptop. HP CompaqV2630. thank you so much.

  36. Hello!
    I changed bots files names but when I start Recovery Discs Creator i get an error message “Application SoftThinks CD Creator has stopped working”

  37. hey bro – youuuuuuuuu AWESOME
    working on my DV6 3150
    but files just in

  38. Hi

    thanks a lot for the help

    I got hpdrcu.prc one form the recovery drive n the other in C:/programdata/hewellet-packard/recovery

    i jsut delete them two and i was able to create new disc.

    thanks a lot for sharing

  39. Thanks so much for this useful article.
    For those having problems, there is no way of telling where hpdrcu.prc would be. I found it in the first location provided by the article writer, but subsequent searches did not find anything and I still could not create my recovery media. I searched for these files without any success. So I used the search functionality in Free Commander and made it search the entire c drive since I had already found one on the d partion. This turned up 2 more files so in total I had 3 of these files. After that the rest as they say is history. You can go back to the recyle bin and recover all the files, which will send them back to their original location. However make sure you have disc images saved in atleast 2 places so that you wont need to create any media again.

  40. First of All.. A very thanks I found:


    But Its Now Creating the CD// Recovery CD…


  41. Doing the deletes as above, I get as far as “Writing files,” then the CD ejects with nothing written on it.
    Ideas anyone, pls?

  42. Will this work for any computer with factory CD’s that hasn’t been burned? I have a Asus Laptop and I burned my restore disk, but I can not find them anywhere. Please help…

  43. Please help. I am a computer tech. I am trying to fix a HP Pavilion m8200n windows Vista media center. I tried looking for the entire drive for the files mention on this site and they are nowhere to be found. I created a recovery DVD for this computer and the owner is unable to find them. The system is so bad that you are unable to use the USB connection or network to connect. In safe mode the same thing happens. I managed to create a 50gig partition to backup the person files and I really need to recreate a recovery.

    If there anything else to help. I also used the above program to open and see the D:\ recovery and did not see the files.


  44. Maybe I am losing it I have a g60 HP Pavillion and there is no SMINST Folder and I can not find the HPCD.sys file anyplace. Nor a file called hpdrcu.prc on the C drive it found it immediately on the D (recovery partition).

  45. For the dv6 that I worked on, I deleted the hpdrcu.prc from all locations (be sure you unhide all system files and make everything visible to get this done. Then perform a search at the root computer level.) There were 3 locations on my computer, one in the boot drive, and the other 2 on the C:
    After I did that, I was able to write the CDs with no problem.

  46. I have a newer HP laptop (Pavilion dm1) but unfortunately the files hpcd.sys and hpdrcu.prc are nowhere to be found. I made a mistake creating recovery on a USB flash drive and now it won’t let me create DVD discs. Does someone know how a workaround to this?

  47. Hello to all. Well, I have been using this method for quite a while and been successful until the G70 series. I am unable to locate such files. Just like to give a heads up for the ones that are having trouble looking for files anything prior to the HP G series. You can use Free Commander to locate the files, but make sure you spell it correctly. Also, verify in the default drives C: and D: or whatever the letter is for the recovery. Lastly, make sure you uncheck the Case senstive option when searching with Free Commander. If anyone has had any luck how to create a second+ copies of the HP G series, your feedback would greatly be appreciated.

  48. Hey there,

    I desperately need some help. I don’t have the HP Recovery Manager that Hp ships. I have HP Probook 4530s with Windows 7 Home Premium. And I can’t even create the recovery disks once! Please help me out with this. Find me the download to the official software, or any third party tool that would let me do that. I have looked on the HP’s website, the tool isn’t listen among the ones they have made available for download. And I tried installing a couple of others which were designed for other models, and they too didn’t work.

    Waiting for your response!


  49. Worked like a dream….thank you! HP laptop is 4.5 years old, and I long ago lost the recovery disks, but wanted to re-load a fresh image of Windows onto the hard drive (so I can give this laptop away to someone who needs it more than I ever did). The HP recovery disk maker is doing its thing right now, as I’m typing this on my main computer.

    They claim they want to prevent the pirating of the operating system, but in reality, it’s much more likely that they want you to BUY a recovery disk from them! Ooops! They only carry recovery disks for 3 years now, so guess you’ll have to buy a new laptop from them, huh? Bad, HP! BAD!!!

  50. HELLP!

    I found two files which i deleted , but now i get an error ‘could not find recovery partition’ when i try to create disks …

    Thanx guys

  51. i have HP DV6 just 1 month old , and i have searched withfree commandrer but i have found nothing and unable to create another copy. Please help me …

  52. Thanks everyone!

    On Some Models
    Files are like hpboot.sys, RCBoot.sys

    Just rename these files and try

    on My HP 510 Laptop file is hpboot.sys


  53. Thankx Yogesh Khade for your reply, but still these files does not exist in my recovery partition. Anyone please help me…

  54. To all of you having problems with new Laptops and Windows 7 users with creating a new set of HP recovery discs.

    Find the following file and deleted from all hard drives and recovery partition.


    That should do it.

    If you can’t find it use the search command under the programs menu.

    If you can’t still find it, you need to open a window and under tools/Folder options/vie tab/check the show hidden files/folders/drives etc and uncheck the hide protected operating system files and search again.

    Now run the program and that should do it.

  55. @Einstein September 30, 2011 at 5:19 am

    This works fine for an HP p6720 PC.
    Thank you very much!

  56. A simple way to remove the protection that stops you creating a second set of restore CDโ€™s on a Compaq or HP computer. Without having to download 3rd party software or potentially leaving hidden system files accessible on your PC?

    Click on the following.
    Start โ€“ All Programs โ€“ Accessories, find the Command Prompt icon.
    Right click the command prompt and run as Administrator, click on continue if prompted.

    In the DOS window navigate to the D:\ drive by typing D: and press enter.

    You now need to remove the file attributes that stops you deleting the file that contains the information stating that a set of recovery CDโ€™s has already been created.

    Type the following
    Attrib HPCD.sys โ€“a โ€“s โ€“h and then press enter.
    This removes the archived, system and hidden attributes of the HPCD.sys file.

    Now type Del HPCD.sys and press enter.

    Run the CD creation process again and you will be able to create a second set of restore CDโ€™s.

    (Tried and tested on a Compaq Presario O/S Windows Vista Home Premium)

  57. @Einstein my system model is LM720AV and i am still unable to fine any of such files mentioned in all above posts, will u or anyone else please help me more..

  58. i got hp pavillion g series
    4GB RAM
    640 HARD DISK

  59. I have a Compaq CQ62 with Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and removed the these 2 files only and it is now in the process of creating another set of discs.


    I did not need to run the program to find them. Just make sure you are set to view all “hidden files” and “protected operating system files” and you can see them.

    Thanks to all you guys. Very helpful.



  60. I tried in every way but I can not
    I could explain how to do please.
    I see hidden files, but I do not see what you say.

  61. Everyone having trouble finding the files NOTICE:
    On Some Models
    Files are named hpboot.sys, RCBoot.sys
    Run your search of all drives with Free Commander and just rename these files (ie. hpboot.sys into——> hpboot-original.sys) rename all instances and it works.

    Used this method to reset my HP / Compaq TC4400 Tablet recovery CD creator.

    QUOTE: Yogesh Khade September 22, 2011 at 7:47 pm
    Thanks everyone!

    “On Some Models
    Files are like hpboot.sys, RCBoot.sys

    Just rename these files and try

    on My HP 510 Laptop file is hpboot.sys


  62. Doesnโ€™t work for the DM1. I searched all of the files mentioned above and none appeared. I am downloading a copy of Windows 7 from digital river that I found a link for. I burned the DVDs fine, but I get a disk error message everytime I try to use the recovery DVDs. The DVD drive works fine and I can boot Ubuntu off it. The new hard drive works fine and I ran tests to make sure it was good.

  63. The said files could not found in my hp pro book 4330s.I tried with free commander.Please help me.

  64. Thank you so much

    Awesome article and how to guide now able to recreate recovery discs for customers who have lost their originals


  65. Hi, my name is Faisal from Bangladesh. I’m using tm2-1002tx model of HP Touchsmart and I tried as below instruction, but with some differences like:
    1. I tried to find out HPCD.sys file but couldn’t found on my system
    2. then I tried to find out hpdrcu.prc file and found only in two locations so I deleted them by Free commander.
    3. then I restart my laptop and tried for new recovery DVD and oala… its creating the recovery DVD now.

    Thanks to our friend who gave this instructions for us.

    May the Almighty helps him.


    1. Download Free Commander from here

    2. Open D:\ Drive in Free Commander, assuming d is the recovery partition on your hp laptop computer

    3. Find and Delete a file named HPCD.SYS in D:\ drive root folder . In newer HP systems, the fine name is hpdrcu.prc and its present in three locations. Search and delete hpdrcu.prc.

    4. Navigate to the windows folder at C:\Windows\SMINST and delete another file with the same name HPCD.SYS

    5. Thatโ€™s it done you can now create new sets of recovery CDs or DVDs

  66. Did not work for my HP DV7 so after a bit of messing about I got it right.
    I installed Total Commander, enabled the view hidden files / system files and I could see all the files in the recovery partition.
    Simply made a copy of the RMCstatus.bin file (just in case something went wrong) then deleted it off of the recovery partition.
    Re-ran the media creation tool and made a new set of media
    PS went back and deleted the newly created RMCstatus.bin file for the next time I wanted to create a new set of files

  67. @Jason i have tried this but not successful.

    i got this message
    Recovery Media was created on 2011-08-14. You are only allowed to create ONE set of recovery media.

  68. Try using the discs that you just created and restore the computer back to out of the box state. You should be able to then burn another set of discs as the computer is reset back to original state.

  69. My laptop is dv6 6116tx & purchased recently.I have made one set of media recovery. I want to make another set of recovery DVD s so that , I can delete d:recovery partition & can create new basic partition either to load WINXP or keep important data, but I am not able to find either HPCD.SYS file or hpdrcu.prc file in any drive in spite of all methods (e g. Free Commander or show hidden files or UN checking “protected operating system files” etc.) . Can anybody suggest me what to do?

  70. For recent hp laptops (dv6 or dv7) with windows 7 (32 or 64 bits), if dealing with the files HPCD.sys, hpboot.sys or hpdrcu.prc does not work, you can re create new recovery discs doing this:
    1. Delete the file RMCStatus.bin (hidden) from two places:
    -c:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Recovery Manager\
    -The root of a drive d:\ (RECOVERY partition)
    2. Remove Rebecca.dat (also hidden) from C:\Windows\System32\
    This has worked in most of the hp with windows 7

  71. Thank you very much. Had only one file in recovery drive no other files in our folders..worked gr8

  72. What worked for me was… deleting the “RMCStatus.bin” file located on D: drive (RECOVERY). Make sure that you SHOW all Hidden and Operating System Files from Folder Options, in order to find this file and delete it.

    Not all HP laptop or desktop is identical.

  73. Judging by the filename, the “RMC” in “RMCStatus.bin” most likely stands for “Recover Media Creation” status.

  74. None of these suggestions worked for me. I have An HP dv6700 notebook with Windows Vista. I cannot find any of these files on either drive.

  75. didn’t work for me. few months ago my hard disk just crashed n i had no recovery media. so i had to install whole thing from my friend’s recovery media. now its showing me that “This system is created from recovery media”. plzz help …..

  76. awesome.. was looking for this for an year.. glad I found this today.

  77. @Hamsa Noor & @Jason:
    This worked for me!!! Yeeeepeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Thank you very much.
    My lappy is HP DM1 Notebook PC w/ Win7x64 Home Basic.

  78. Awesome … work perfect for me
    (HP Palivion Desktop ,Windows Vista HomePremiun64Bits)

  79. WOW!!!! thanks dude! the program was useful and so were the post and the esp. the comments ๐Ÿ˜› lol thanks to Hamsa Noor for the guidance ๐Ÿ™‚ it helped so a big thanks to all of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Please can anyone confirm me if this works on windows 8.
    Because I am using HP ENVY 6. Found and deleted file named “RMCStatus.bin” at two places but nothing happens… ๐Ÿ™
    Please can anyone help me in this. As I am really in need to make recovery Discs.
    Waiting for anyone to help me….. !!!

  81. Thanks for the help. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD FREE COMMANDER. Windows will not find the hpcd.sys file by itself even if you show hidden files and folders.

  82. For recent hp laptops (dv6 or dv7) with windows 7 (32 or 64 bits), if dealing with the files HPCD.sys, hpboot.sys or hpdrcu.prc does not work, you can re create new recovery discs doing this:
    1. Delete the file RMCStatus.bin (hidden) from two places:
    -c:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Recovery Manager\
    -The root of a drive d:\ (RECOVERY partition)
    2. Remove Rebecca.dat (also hidden) from C:\Windows\System32\
    This has worked in most of the hp with windows 7

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