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Recently working on my yahoo mail, i realized that there are not many online email systems that will let us extract email from our yahoo account as easily as we can get it from our Gmail account. Unlike Gmail, yahoo mail doesn’t include free POP access.

So, it becomes difficult to deal with it anywhere outside of the online yahoo email system itself. I always have to go back to the online yahoo mail system to check my emails. But, there is a free service called YmailFeed that lets us convert our free yahoo mail account into an RSS feed without the need for a POP connection.

YmailFeed is a service hosted by Google AppSpot. First, visit the site of YmailFeed through this link:

YmailFeed Link

When you will open this link you will be shown this message, you just have to click on ‘Start The Process’.


You will be now taken to your yahoo account sign-in page. YmailFeed is not collecting your login information, you just have to need to log into your account so that the YmailFeed system can retrieve a unique key associated with your authentication. This is a legitimate Yahoo sign-in, it’s not a scam!


This is similar to when you give external applications permission to access your Orkut account. Likewise, by logging into your Yahoo account, you are “approving” that YmailFeed can access your incoming email. Now, when you will sign up there will come a ‘Sign-in permissions’ which you should agree only when you are done reading.


Now, once you click the ‘I agree’, your account gets activated and your unread emails are converted into a feed. You can see the preview of the feed in the left box of your YmailFeed account.

At the bottom you can see the three links which are basically the feed for your Yahoo mail account. If, by mistake, these URL gets into the wrong hands, there is no need to worry because you can regenerate the new codes which will disable the old ones by just clicking on the ‘Regenerate the codes’ in the right box.


It provides you the option of adding this feed to any of your favorite page which you can choose from the list.


For example, if i want my yahoo feed on my google home page, we just have to select ‘google add-on’ and it will appear like this.


You can also see connect your google reader with yahoo inbox and it will appear like this.


With this service activated you can never miss any of your email. So, all you Yahoo mail users go ahead and take the advantages of it.

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