[How To] Use Google Chrome Extensions Using Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome is now the most used web browser officially as per the stats from past sometime. Speed and performance is one of the most important reasons for the high adoption rate of Chrome. Extensions is something which makes the Chrome truly customizable. In this article, I am going to share a very simple yet useful tip to efficiently use Google Chrome extension from keyboard. This tip will help save time and improve productivity while using Google Chrome extensions.

Simply follow these easy steps to lunch/activate Google chrome extension using keyboard shortcuts.

Step 1: Click on options icon on the top right side of the Google Chrome and click on settings.

Google chrome extensions keyboard shorcuts (1)

Step 2: Under settings, go to Extensions and scroll down to the end of extensions page. At the bottom right side you will get a link called Configure commands.

Google chrome extensions keyboard shorcuts (2)

Step 3: At this screen, you will see all the enabled extensions and option to remove or add a keyboard shortcuts. To create the shortcut, click in the front of that extension, and press the shortcut keys which are easy to remember. In this example, I have set measurement related extension to ALT+M which is quite simple an quick. After you select the desired shortcut, click OK.

Google chrome extensions keyboard shorcuts (3)

You can set a custom shortcut, whichever you like to set as per your convenience. Additionally, I would recommend you to set the shortcuts for all frequently used extension to save on time.

We hope you find this tip useful, check out some more Tips and Tricks by Trouble Fixers.

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