Daphne – Kill Not Responding Process Without Restarting Windows


We have received so many problems regarding several windows and third party process which may hang sometimes and goes into not responding state which in turn create a problem as no other process respond to user mouse action at that point of time.


In such a type of situation a free program like Daphne can be very useful to kill the not responding or hanged process which has caused the whole trouble. Daphne is a small system tray application which can be used for killing, controlling and debugging windows process.


You can kill any process by dragging the mouse over windows, right clicking the process in the Daphne process list and select end process. It can also be used to set any window to be on the top, to be transparent or to be enabled.



This program is really useful to shut down some hanging process and speed up by releasing the memory consumed by these programs, it is type of program which has been born to kill process.


Daphne can be really good replacement for windows taskbar as it is so powerful, fast and easy to use. It displays the detailed information about the running process with the help of the columns like CPU usage, Process ID, Process Name, Full Path, Priority , Class, Current Memory usage, Peek Memory usage, Current swap usage, peek swap usage and number of threads etc


Note: Daphne is supported on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 to debug, kill and control process 

Download Daphne


  1. Dear Sir,

    My pc – C: is loaded with main softwares likems office, antivirus, firefox. realtek ac97.

    D: and E: are free.F: has my dailyactivities.

    Yet my system is slow – verey slow. D,E and F colons do not respond to double click. pl help

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