Delete / Remove All Preinstalled Games From Windows Vista


One of our reader is very mush annoyed by some of those preinstalled games which are there is Windows Vista as they use some space and are of no use to him. As these online games are very simple and sometimes the trail version of big games with less features anyone can be annoying.

For some users it could be the other reason like they don’t want their kids to keep playing these games and waste their crucial time playing these preinstalled vista games.

Here is how you can remove the preinstalled games on your vista computer or laptop.


This fix which we are going to tell you is quite easy and quick to follow, you just need to follow the procedure given to delete your vista games forever.

1. Open Start Menu >> Control Panel

2. Double click Programs and Features to open it

3. On the left pane you will see a link at the bottom saying, Turn Windows Features On or Off – click it.

4. Now Under windows features make sure to uncheck the feature which says Games


5. That’s it done – all these features are removed.


  1. Alas, for those of us addicted to the games, this is not good enough. In a moment of weakness, it is very easy to go to Windows Features and turn it back on again.

    How does one actually completely remove these things, at least so that a re-install of the OS is necessary to bring them back? Or perhaps a Freecell Twelve Step group?


  2. Go into the C: drive, then go into the Program Files, and delete the ‘Windows Games’ folder.

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