Easy Way To Remove Existing Links In WordPress Blog Comments

WordPress is quite popular these days when it comes to blogs, most of the popular old blogs runs on wordpress and there are new blogs which get started almost every day runs on wordpress, now every popular CMS like wordpress get some problems, now as most of the wordpress blogs are quite popular so there are many bots and other users who would like to exploit the users by adding blog comments with links to their site that could benefit theme in longer run.


By default every wordpress comment you add on any wordpress site can give a link to the author in case author of the comment fills a website URL while commenting, so with time there are many people who try to exploit this feature of wordpress by adding comments like “This site is great and full of knowledge or some thing similar” and then add their website link to promote the same, these links if they are not pointing to the authority good website can really be harmful for the blog where they are present in form of comments.

There can be different ways you can solve this problem – either you can disable the comments in wordpress and or hide the website URL box in the comment section in a wordpress blog or you can make the links directed with the author name on the wordpress blog simple text and un clickable – just follow the procedure below.

Convert Links To Text In WordPress Blog Comments

To disable turning URLs from comments into actual links, go to your admin area after logging to your wordpress blog in dashboard and then navigate to Appearance –> Editor or simple edit the functions.php file of wordpress found in the wordpress root directory where on your FTP server.

Select the functions.php file from the right column and add the following line just above the closing php tag ( ?> ):
remove_filter(‘comment_text’, ‘make_clickable’, 9);

This way all the URLs pasted in the comments will not show up as actual link, but they will be simple text so that crawler from search engines like google, yahoo and bing do not notice these spam links in comments.

Disable Adding Of New Comments On Blog Post In WordPress

As per this procedure you will first need to delete all the comments manually which looks like spam to you and then you will need to edit the blog post or page and disable comments for that page or post.

Login to wordpress dashboard and go to Manage->Page and Edit the selected page or Manage>> Posts and edit the selected post for which you want to remove comments.

On the right hand side of the page, you will see a box named “Discussion Options”. Make sure the “Allow Comments” option is not selected, then save the page and in case of blog post scroll down and locate the discussion section and uncheck the allow comments.

Now both the methods above can be really tiring when you have large number of blog posts or blogs where you would like remove the existing links over thousands or hundreds of comments which are already there in many pages and blog posts of the website, so we have simple wordpress plugins to suggest which makes this task simple and possible without much efforts from your side.

Remove Links in WordPress Comments

Remove Links in Comments is a useful wordpress plugin which removes links from all the comments by deactivating hyper links in comments, this is a very simple plugin that prevents WordPress from automatically creating hyperlinks in the comments section. By using this plugin you can stop WordPress from automatically creating hyperlinks from links in your visitors comments. Since this plugin only effects your output your visitors links will show up as normal hyperlinks as soon as you deactivate this plugin.

Disable Author URL and Comment Links

Disable Author URL and Comment Links is another wordpress plugin which helps you keep your comments clean from spam links left by automated or manual comment spammers who want to leach the SEO juice fro your wordpress blog and in case you want to edit the wordpress code you can also do this without installing this plugin, you can understand it by watching the video below.

One more plugin which we would like to recommend is called Hide Trackbacks which could be really useful in fighting the link spamming done on your wordpress blog by hiding the trackbacks on your blog which will appear by default on your blog post which is indexed by search engines.


These are some ways we mentioned through which you will help you get rid of the link spam in wordpress blog in comments, there are lot more other ways to do these tasks and other useful plugins which we have missed mentioning so if you like to suggest us the same please use the comment section below of the same.


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