Delete Viruses From Pen Drive With iKill [Virus Removal Tools]


We have posted many methods on how can you protect your pen drive from viruses, and even if your pen drive got infected with some virus you can remove the virus with various removal tools. There could be situation when you want to backup your data from a virus infected pen drive.


Today, we found another FREE tool called iKill ( via ) scans your computer and pen drives connected to computer for suspicious autorun.inf files and parses any autorun.inf files for suspicious code which may point to some executable virus file.




Lets see how can you remove virus from pen drive using this tool.


iKill works by scanning the drives like portable drives for suspicious autorun.inf files and delete these virus created autorun.inf files. It will always ask you before deleting any autorun.inf files.



iKill will start up with windows to protect you always and scan any portable device connected to the computer. This tool is completely free from any adware, spyware and malware etc.


Note: It will require .net framework 2.0 to be installed on your computer to run.

Download iKill


  1. hi,

    Can you please advice me on cleaning my 500GB external HDD full of important data infected with USTScandal.exe and other associated viruses.

    Thank you,


  2. Try out autorun eater.
    It removes each and every suspecious .inf from your computer.
    google autorun eater..

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