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There are many tools which lets you upload documents to Google docs very easily, but none of them provides you to upload documents and files to Google docs just by drag and drop.

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GDocsUploader is nice free utility which allows you to upload multiple documents in Google simultaneously just by simple drag and drop of the files to this adobe air based application, it is very simple and easy to use desktop uploader for Google docs.

In order to start using this tool, just install it after downloading [ download link given at the bottom]


The first time you run this tool, it will ask you for a username and password, which is associated to Google docs account, once you have entered a valid username and password you can start uploading documents on the go just by drag and drop.


However as per our test, it does not upload new word document format of .docx, however it works for all the old format of Microsoft office and pdf format of files can also be uploaded. Still this application is quite useful as it a cross platform uploader as it can work on MAC, Linux and Windows.


We have tested this application on windows 7 32 bit, however this tool works on all windows versions, but you may need to upgrade to the latest version of adobe air to run this tool.

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Download GDocsUploader

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