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Whenever we have to search the meaning of a word, most of us refer Wikipedia. And when we want to search images, we prefer flickr. Likewise, for videos we go for YouTube. But, for collecting all this information you have to visit different sites which will take quite a long time.

Now, you might be thinking of using a search engine like Google, Yahoo and more. But these search engines will show a list of around 100 sites which you again have to visit for specific answers to your query.

In answer to this, there is a freeware called Wikitup which retrieves information from your favorite online resources (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, YouTube and many more) and presents the most relevant data source as a result.

Wikitup is a smart utility which is fully compatible with Windows vista, XP and Windows 7. It needs .Net framework 2.0 for its installation.

It is an east to use tool which will let you search any word, image, sound and video. It also keep track of the last search and allows you to go back and again see the result with the options provided on the main window.


It is a multi-lingual tool ( i.e. you can use it in almost every language) which you can select by going in the option ‘settings’ in the option ‘menu’ on top of the window.


Every person has his/her preferences about data sources. For example, i like Wikipedia results more than any other site whereas my friend prefers ‘Did you mean?’

So, for this preferences, Wikitup provides the option of ‘Data Sources’ in which you can put your favorite sources in the active sources from the available ones. After setting it, whenever you will make a search, it will first show results from your preferred site which you have put in the active sources.


There are also ‘Options’ of settings of the main window and image presentation that are self-explanatory and just need marking for their activation.


There is an important feature which makes it unique is its ‘Hotkey’. With this option enabled, you can search for any word in any window by just pressing a specified combination.

For example, if i am reading an article and in between, there is a word about which i want to know then, i don’t have to open this utility instead i will just press the Hotkey which will open this tool with the information of that word.

You can change the Hotkey according to your comfort level from any of the specified combinations provided in the ‘options’.


Download Wikitup

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