Set Different Pointer Speed For Laptop Touchpad And USB Mouse

While working on laptop, many of us prefer using external mouse instead of touchpad but for some task, we need to use its touchpad only. Considering this, some people need to frequently switch between touchpad and external mouse for their work but while doing this, they get really irritated. It is because of the reason that the operating system applies the same cursor moments and settings to both of them and hence, creates annoyance for us. The settings may be right for one lets say, touchpad but it might be slow for the external mouse or vice versa.

Although, many modern mice comes with some driver/user software with it but they are specific and can be used only for a particular mouse. Considering this problem of users, there is a freeware called Mouse Speed Switcher which is a universal solution to this problem.

Mouse Speed Switcher is a smart and compact application that allows us to switch between two or three mouse speeds for different mouse or touchpad with just a click. It is written in C++ language and  is compatible with windows 7, vista, XP and 2000. After installation, when you will run it, it will stay in the system tray with this icon.


And will display the ‘settings’ window. Here, you can set the speed of three mouse or touchpad. For differentiation, you can give the name to different speeds like i did. One for touchpad and other for external mouse. By default only two speeds are enabled but for more use, you can enable the third option also.

You can also define the hotkeys for the 3 options which will help you to switch between the two speeds easily without even clicking at the system tray icon.


After setting, you just have to click on the icon to switch between your saved speeds for avoiding the annoyance while switching between touchpad and external mouse.


It also automatically check for updates. But, it will always keep you nagging to purchase it with reminder messages unless a license key is entered (which is not free, by the way).


Other than nagging you, it will work smoothly even if you will not purchase it. The tool is nice one and does its task efficiently for which it is designed.

Download Mouse Speed Switcher

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