Disable or Enable Microsoft Office And Product Updates In Windows Update

Windows Update is an important feature of Microsoft Windows operating system and keep it running secure and smooth with latest updates rolling our almost every week. With Windows updates however, there can be some problems for some Windows users like some users may be traveling and using an expansive limited data connection on which they don’t want to download and install Windows Updates. We have already shared a solution to this problem here – Stop Windows Update From Automatically Downloading Updates. Another thing which I noticed on my Windows 7 laptop is that it usually offers me to download updates for Microsoft Office software along with the Windows Updates on the Windows Update page. This is a convenient feature, but again if I am on a limited data plan and I don’t want an MS office update or other Microsoft product updates for some reason, I may not want to download the Office software updates. In this article, I will discuss on some methods with which you can choose to not install certain type of updates in Windows.

Windows Updates

One of the easiest ways to avoid downloading the Microsoft Office and other software updates is to manually un-check the boxes when the updates are listed for download. This is the fastest way to avoid downloading the unwanted updates.

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Disable Microsoft Office And Other Microsoft Updates In Windows Updates

However if you decide to not update MS office and other products using Windows update at all for whatever reasons, there is an easy way to stop Windows Update from even checking and listing any updates other than Windows OS updates. To do the same simply follow the below steps :

Step 1: Open Control Panel > Windows Update > Change settings

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Step 2: On the Settings window, uncheck the option which says “Give me updates for Microsoft Products and check optional Microsoft software when I update Windows”

Unchecking this box will give you a warning on the same, press OK to continue. Again press OK at the bottom of the settings page. Now when you will check for the updates again there will be no updates for MS office. This will also prevent any updates for other MS softwares like Silverlight, Internet Explorer etc. which are by Microsoft.

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Enable Microsoft Office And Microsoft Product Updates In Windows Updates

The above settings are reversible, so at a later time if you want to revert to the older settings and want to use the updates for Microsoft Office and other software you will need to install a small add-in from Microsoft website which will re-enable the updates. For the same, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 : Download and Install this small add-in service from official Microsoft Update website here. Check the box to agree to terms of use and click Next.

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Step 2 : Select the recommended setting for automatic updates and other settings for your own preference and press Install button. This will download and install a small add-in which will enable the Microsoft Product updates inside Windows Updates. There will be UAC approval security warning prompted for the same, allow the same to continue.

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Hope you find this tutorial handy. Check out some more Windows Tutorials by TroubleFixers. Do leave your comments and suggestions below.

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