Remove Eye Option To View Password in IE in Windows 8

Recently when I was using windows 8, I noticed this which is an eye sign in the password box while typing my password while using Internet Explorer in windows 8 which was running Internet Explorer 10 version which comes preinstalled in windows 8.


Personally I cant take the risk of password getting revealed by this option, when I am away and someone clicks on Eye symbol in the password box in the extreme right side of the password text box, this option on the other hand is enabled by default in windows 8.

Disable Reveal Password Eye in IE 10 or Higher

Firstly, you can do this in windows 8 pro only which has Group Policy and the steps are pretty simple, just follow them below.

Step 1: Press Window + r to open run prompt and type gpedit.msc and press Enter.


Step 2: Navigate to User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Credential User Interface and then double click the Entry named Do not display the password reveal button.


Now make sure to change the state from Not configured to enabled to make the password reveal button disappear in IE and click Ok button to save the changes.


Once you save this, you will see the password button will be removed in IE.


Please Note: You will have to do this under each user configuration in gpedit to make this effective for other users as well or configure the same for computer configuration in group policy.

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