Disable, Remove or Delete Bing Bar Toolbar In Internet Explorer, Firefox

From some days I noticed the new bing bar got installed across all the browser on my computer including Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. As all the browser toolbars are this one is also quite annoying and takes up much of the browser screen space, so I decided to remove it.


Here is how you can remove bing bar toolbar from Internet Explorer, Firefox or completely from your computer, follow the procedure below. 1.

For Internet Explorer

1. Run Internet Explorer, Press Alt Key to show up the menu bar and then go to Tools >> Manage Addons 

2. Scroll down and locate Bing Bar – select it by clicking and then click the disable button to disable it a shown in the image below.


3. Now it will ask you to disable it features or completely disable it as shown in the screenshot below.


4. Uncheck the checkbox Bing Bar BHO to remove it disable it from showing up, that’s it done. 

For Firefox

1. Open Firefox, go to Tools >> Add ons


2. Under addons listing you will find bing bar, select it by clicking and then click the disable button to disable it from loading next time you start firefox


3. That’s it done

Completely Uninstall Bing Bar

In order to completely remove bing bar, go to control panel >> add remove programs and then uninstall the program Bing Bar


Note: If you are uninstalling bing bar this way, you will need to make sure that IE or Firefox is not running at time.



  1. This “bing-bar” on my computer, is not listed among the Firefox “Add ons” and it doesn’t show up on the “Add/Remove Programs” menu either. When I ran the latest update on Firefox, it appeared on its own. So far, the solutions listed don’t cover the situation at all. (Is it an insidious plot by MS??? Did they secretly buy out Mozilla and slip this in on us?? ….nahhhh)

  2. I’m having the same problem, I can’t delete it, and it’s not available to ‘remove’ in programs or in add ons. Help!

  3. Same thing. Doesn’t show up in programs, and in Add-ons, the “Remove” button is grayed out.

  4. It seems the bing bar is getting installed without people knowing or consenting. I did a quick writeup about this a while back and everyone can blame automatic updating of software for the installation of not wanted software.

    Not long ago getting frequent software updates were a good thing, but today they have become part of the problem. Never allow a update to complete without doing a custom install, and reading the screen for what your agreeing to. Developers for these large companies are aware that very few read the fine print and count on it to force software on your machine you did not want.

    I’ts sad it’s come to this… If you want to read more check out http://sextoncomputers.com/fb/tech/automatic-updates-not-your-friend-anymore.htm


  5. Every time I get to the Manage Add-ons screen and click Bing, I get the message, “This operation ins cancelled due to restrictions on your computer. Contact system administrator.” This is a home computer and there is no system administration apart from myself. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  6. I have spent three hours trying to get rid of “BING”. It has taken over my internet opperations is totally obnoxious – and if I ever find out the company that is behind this obscene violation that hadestroyed my entire week. I wlil sue the crap out of that company!!! It is mean, obnoxious, and evil to hurt people on purpose through computer programming. My computer is mine, and should not be used to ‘FORCE’ control. BING should be outlawed, penilized and sued to death. I hate BING!!!!!

    I will have to destroy my computer and buy a new one to get rid of the EVIL BING. BING is HATED!!!!! BING is creating anti-advertising by forcing so many people to hate it.

  7. I can get it off my browsers…but my computer came w/it and it appears unremovable. i.e I go to uninstall programs in the control panel…when i try to uninstall it i get the window asking if i want to allow bing to make changes on my computer…if i hit yes it says its configuring for my computer and acts like its doing a new install…if i hit no, nothing happens, like i never clicked uninstall. not a huge problem…but i hate preloaded software you can’t get rid of.

  8. After reading the complaints on that obnoxious “BING” I will go with and enter into a Law suit barring such items as this “Monster” has become…I too, have spent hours, spoke to many “Techs” about getting rid of Bing, all to no Avail?? Come on there has to be a way to do this??? Please advise I have tried many, many suggestions and NONE have axed this program??? HELP…

  9. just went to programe and features found bing clicked uninstall and away it went no more bing

  10. I still can’t delete it. It doesn’t even appear in the programs. Please help me rid of this. It keeps readind what I search.

  11. You can delete the bing search bar by going to it and there should be a little icon of a B on it and just right click it and go to manage add-ons. And just click on the bing on the list of addons available and press remove on the side bar.

  12. I can’t seem to get rid of the Bing toolbar – I’m using Firefox … when I click on Tools and scroll down to Add-ons, Bing does NOT appear in the Add-ons window for me to disable, delete and/or uninstall – additionally, if I go to Add/Remove programs, it does not appear there either – ANY SUGGESTIONS ??? – any help would be much appreciated – thanx, Steve

  13. I’m having the same problem. Can’t find Bing in the Add-ons or the Add/Remove programs. This is frustrating.

  14. I had the same problem trying to uninstall Bing Toolbar. It did not say Bing in the ‘manage add-ons’ but I noticed something else I didn’t recognize that said Zugo Ltd. I disabled that and sure enough the Bing toolbar disappeared and I no longer have the problem. Hope this helps…

  15. Heck, I not only have BING *don’t have a dang clue what it is* but I got Chrome downloaded to my PC without premission. Go figure. Yep ! They do what they want. I did find BING on my add delete. Shoot ! I am scaed to do anything :). When Chrome was downloaded, then IE went nuts.

  16. left click on little down arrow to the right of bing icon that looks like a letter B. select manage search engines. select bing and choose remove.

  17. WHERE is this Bing icon folks are saying to click on?
    In what part of the screen in what program is this Bing icon found?

  18. Same problem, why do ppl give instructions of the obvious ppl know to go under, ADD/DELETE programs, why don;’t you tell us something we don’t know…I have firefox, its not in the add/delete, its not in the add on’s…now tell us where else we need to go.

  19. BING toolbar automatically installed while I was updating something else. I can’t find it in my FF Add-ons nor in the list of programs in my computer. I can’t see a BING icon anywhere either on the window or in the list of programs. I also don’t see “ZUGO” in my list of programs either.

    I want to get rid of BING and need instructions for removing it when there is no BING “B” icon, when it doesn’t show up in the list of installed programs, doesn’t show up in FF Add-ons. I am not amused.

  20. I just bought an HP ProBook that came with Explorer 8. Initial configuration of the MSN (default) home page showed the Bing bar add-on taking up a full line at the top of the page.
    After some days (how this happened I have no idea: I didn’t change any settings), I noticed that the Bing bar had somehow migrated to the right of the url address space, on the topmost line of the page.
    There was a scroll-down arrow to the right of the Bing search space, which when clicked showed the options: ‘hotmail, autofill, private, messenger, email page, im page’. Releasing the ‘toggle’ would collapse this dropdown menu.
    I liked this set-up, as it removed the ‘dedicated line’ that Bing occupied before. I like Bing, but am trying to unclutter all the stuff at the top of the Explorer page, and this was a great discovery.
    A day or two later (again without my doing anything), Bing returned to its ‘default’ full line.
    I’ve exhausted all efforts to figure out how to MOVE the Bing bar BACK TO THE TOP, where is SHARES the top line with the Explorer url space.
    If someone can help me with this seemingly simply change, I would be grateful. Thanks!

  21. ok—- i went about it a different way… this works for sure!!
    go to pull down arrow to right of BING search box, select find more search providers, click on search, type in GOOGLE, select add , THEN go back to pull down arrow, manage providers, set google as default, THEN you can rt click or select bling/blang/boom! DELETE- adios!!

  22. I have read all the responses, I too hate this intrusion and its a reason I do not buy Microsoft products and screw them anyway I can. They have a habit of this kind of crap. Anyway I have no B icons no bing in add or remove etc. Its a website search engine that MS add in many of the updates and such so if you get rid of it it comes back. I am currently downloading a web site blocker to attempt to block the site then I will figure how to get rid of the tool bar and search bar. Three different things! This thing also uses memory when running. I suspect its why I have to set search engine defaults each time I boot up. A lawsuit would not be successful, however a boycott and damaging or buying bootleg software to harm MS would be things to start. I hate to suggest civil disobedience but MS is a bully and these guys should be punished…hopefully severely!.Also, and this is VERY important; write your senator and congressmen tell them how much this kind of thing damages you and your business. Mention the perps by name. Its not only MS that sells their own malware under the guise of something else, like a free search engine or program. The real hackers and malware providers should have mandatory sentence’s and be criminal offenses instead of a slap on the wrist or not prosecuted at all!!! When is the last time you have heard of a Mal ware designer jailed? Its time these as*holes go to jail for a few years!!!


  23. I got the toolbar somehow a few days ago. I’ve been working on getting rid of it this evening. I too do not have bing in “add ons” or “add remove programs.” I employed “KP”s method above and was able to remove it. Bing is a search tool bar and you may have other search tool bars on your computer. The key is to get into the “manage toolbar” option window–I’m talking firefox here. Right now I have the Wikipedia search toolbar which I’m going to keep. When I LEFT CLICK on the logo of this or any tool bar–the “W” or the Google logo or the “B” -bing logo which is on the RIGHT END of the toolbar, I get the “manage toolbar” window to come up. Surprise! There was Bing and several other toolbars listed–I just highlighted it and clicked the remove option. Pretty simple–just hard to get to the manage toolbar window.

  24. Had this problem too.. couldn’t find it in Add/Remove or Add-ons.. or so I thought. I should have took note of what it was called but I found a random Add-on in the extensions and just removed it and that got rid of the toolbar. FU BING!

  25. Just click on the B in the Bing search bar and change it. Its not an add on its a new built in search feature. I have mine set to Google.

  26. Bing Bar isnt show on remove program list, searched my hard drive for it, nothing found, manage add ons, option to remove is greyed out — how do I get rid of it? I am so damn sick of it sucking up CPU and its set as default now and I cant change that !!!!!

  27. I happen to have CCleaner (Piriform) on my computer, and it has it’s own add/remove program option.
    I found Bing in there and am uninstalling it. But is is very, very slow to uninstall. Need to be patient!!

  28. In Internet Explorer, go to tools, manage add on’s, search providers, then click on the blue link in the middle of the bottom to disable bing.

  29. Well I can see from all the complaints that bing is really pissing peeps off , me included. I really must say that this is an intrusion ,as I did not ask for Bing yet it would seem that we are all stuck with it…Again MS pulling their BS

  30. What Davie said worked for me. The key is that you have to Remove it under Search Poviders, not Disable it in Addons and Extensions as one would think. When you Remove Bing from Search Providers the entries under Addons and Extensions will disappear also. I am on IE8. Thanks, Davie.

  31. I too had this problem, i could remove it with add/remove programs from the control panel, the problem lies in that windows update views this as a critical update, so daily it re downloads it for me, and there is no way, short of now checking for windows update that i can keep from getting this gdamn bar i dont want! There are no options in windows update to block this from downloading, you can bet ur ass microsoft will be hearing from me!

  32. i have tried to uninstall the bing bar from my internet browser but showing that it is currupt

  33. OK I can get it to uninstall no problems.
    How do you get the damn thing to stop installing itself. No matter how hard they try they are not tracking me that way, and I want to prevent them from forcing this crap on me. Any fixes for this problem? God I hate Microsoft. (It is decided I’m switching to MAC)
    I’ve noticed a few people who love this bing bar self forcing install process aswell.
    The more they do this crap the more I steal from them so I guess it’s not all bad.
    Getting even bitches.

  34. Dont know how old this info is but as of today it still works……..Thank you SO VERRRRRY much.

  35. I have already done the disable bit, no option to remove. Everything shows it is disabled but keeps popping up everytime I go to Google as the search option? Thanks anyway

  36. July 31st, 2012, I finally found a way to remove Bing completely from my computer…I wend and ‘restored’ my computer to an earlier point – today is July 31st, I restored it to July 29th and Bing went away and my computer is as it was before Bing….

  37. !!!!!! To stop bing bar coming back on to your pc as update you dont wont:
    Open internet option
    Look for “change search defaults” and click on “settings”
    Then in add-on types look for “search providers”
    On your right you will see bing bar
    Click on it once and option to “remove” will show in the bottom of the window

    It works !!!!!!

  38. If the Bing search tool bar is not appearing in the add/remove programs and appears hidden but still showing Bing search results , then simply right click on your main search area and all search toolbars will show – move your cursor over where the Bing is until you see an X appear ..click on that and Bing is gone

  39. Please help us remove Bing from being our default search engine… I can’t stand it! HELP!

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