Disable Touch Pad Sensing When You Type On Laptop Keyboard

The problem of accidental clicks while typing on your notebook is very common and is faced by most of us who has to work all day sitting in front of the laptop typing. This problem is also faced by the notebook owners or by those who prefers to use touchpad instead of a mouse. We have earlier reviewed a tool Touchfreeze for this problem which has proved to be an effective one.

But this is a vey small application which does not provide much options to personalize the tool and sometimes misinterpret actual clicks as the accidental clicks. To solve this problem, there is a freeware called Touchpad Blocker which offers a better level of options compared to the previous one.

It is fully compatible with the Windows 7, vista, NT 2000 and xp. It also does not need any software for its installation.

It is a multi-lingual tool so it asks for choosing the desired language before the installation process.


After you will click ‘ok’, it will be installed within a few minutes and will appear with this icon in the notification bar.


You can open its ‘settings’ by either using a hotkey ‘Alt+click’ on the icon or using right-click option. It provides the option of enabling or disabling the program to run automatically on startup.


One of the most important feature of this tool which makes it unique is the option of setting the Threshold in milliseconds. This option will help each user in personalizing this tool by setting the threshold depending on his/her speed and blocking the accidental taps and clicks.

This option will help in avoiding the misinterpretation of actual clicks as the accidental one.

For example, i have set the threshold to 600 milliseconds according to my speed then this utility will block accidental taps and clicks depending on this threshold value.

It also provides the option of ‘beep’ when any click is blocked to make you aware about it.


Also, it provides the hotkey combination of ‘ctrl+F9’ (by default) which can not be changed. This keyboard shortcut will let you turn ON and OFF this tool without even going to its icon.


So, with this tool installed in your laptop, you can achieve the desired speed on notebook without the interruption of accidental taps and clicks. So, enjoy typing..!!

Download Touchpad Blocker in EXE File


Download Touchpad Blocker in ZIP Archive


  1. Touchpad Blocker is very useful tool for people who have more charges in same time or in crowded places.

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