Divide Big Files Into Smaller Size Files – Join Them Later

Many a times, when we need to transfer big files from one computer to other using a USB drive which is not enough then, we face a problem at that time. Most of us try to compress the file to make it possible to accommodate the big file in the pen drive but sometimes compressing does not prove helpful.

At that point of time, we can take the help of a freeware called Splitting which can divide a file into several smaller files so that they can be transferred easily and later join it back into a single file.

Splitting is a smart tool which is compatible with Windows 7, vista, xp, 2000, server 2000, server 2003, server 2008 and 98 (in both 32/64 bit). After installation, when you will run it, its main window will appear like this. There are two actions available in this application – split and join.


For splitting a file, select ‘split’. You can select the size of the split file from the configured common media sizes (Floppy, CD etc.). You can also use custom sizes by filling the desired size in the column in bytes. Next, you have to choose the file which you want to split by browsing the option. You can also drag and drop the file.

At last, you just have to select the directory in which you want to save the split files and click ‘Start’. In between, you can also choose to create a batch file that can later join the split files. The option of ‘New directory’ creates a new directory in which the split-files will be stored. The option of ‘Split to A:’ will store the split-files directly on drive A (3.5″ HD disk). If you will use the option of ‘Checksum compare’ then, after the split-files are joined, the checksum of the created file is compared with the checksum of the original-file.


For joining the split files, first select ‘join’. Then, open the file with the file extension *.spx, that is created with the split-files. This file contains all information to join the split-files. For opening the file, browse the ‘file open’ or drag and drop the file. Then, you have to choose a directory to save the joined file and click ‘Start’.


The tool is a multi-lingual and available in around 16 languages. Splitting also integrates into the Windows Explorer right click menu and files can also be split via the ‘SendTo’ menu.

Download Splitting

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