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Sometimes when you visit a website such Facebook, Orkut, Flickr or any other image sharing website which has image galleries and you want to copy all the images from that gallery but you don’t want to go through the trouble of opening and downloading all the images one by one. Then I have got an application for you Bulk Image Downloader (BID), this will help you to download the bulk images or image galleries if you are using Google Chrome browser.


The application is a Google Chrome extension which after being installed adds a button to the Google Chrome toolbar, using this button you can open a webpage with this application. After installing this Google Chrome extension you will also have to install the Bulk Image Downloader software as when ever you will extract the images from a webpage it will open this software. The software can be used to automatically download and save images as well as videos from the web galleries.

Bulk Image Downloader 1

After you will download and install the extension it will appear just to the right of the address bar. The extension will give you three options once you will do a right click on that. The extension will give you an option to add the webpage to the application’s queue manager’s job list or open the webpage with the Bulk Image Downloader Link explorer. The extension will provide you an easy way to download the web galleries also. The extension bypasses all the pop ups and ads.It supports all the popular image hosting websites like Flickr, Imagevenue, Imagereverb, Imagebam, Imageshack and many more.

Bulk Image Downloader 4

This is the window that will open which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. In order to download you can simply copy the webpage URL which contains the pages and paste it into the Edit box which says “URL of image/Video gallery page”. Then click on the button which says “Scan URL for Image/videos”, which will find a list of all the images and videos that the extension can download. Now select the download location,using “Save Batch” button where you want to download the files and then click on the “Download Files Now”  button to start downloading. If you want to create a list from multiple sources then check the “Append to existing links” checkbox. Links will now get appended to the list instead of getting replacing the existing links.

This file can be loaded into the extension using “Load from file” option. Sometimes the image filenames are scrambled by the hosts, in that case you can select the “Generate Filenames” checkbox and give Filename prefix for the images. Image will be saved by the name “prefixyyy.jpg” where yyy is the sequence number of the image. The software has various option to change the view of the various files that you have downloaded.  If you will select the “Close When Download complete” option the extension will close automatically after all the images in the list has been downloaded.

Download Bulk Image Downloader Extension | Download Bulk Image Downloader Software


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