[How To] Download PDF Files In Google Chrome Instead Of Opening In Browser

In the good old days, when we clicked on any PDF file from the web in our web browsers, the PDF file was downloaded on our computer where we used to open it with softwares like Adobe PDF reader or any other PDF reader. But the modern browsers of today, directly open the PDF files inside the browser only which is a great feature. But imagine a scenario where you have to download a bunch of PDF files from a website, say you have to download your course material from some educational website where PDF links are given or you may have to download PDF forms for some official purpose etc. In that case, the user gets annoyed with the pain of opening every PDF file in browser and then saving them one by one explicitly using the options inside the browser. If you have lots of PDF files to download, then you might get frustrated as the computer also tends to slow down when you open too many PDF files together in the browser as it consumes significant resources. In this article, I am going to share a quick solution to this problem (feature), by which you can simply turn off the feature of opening PDF files in Google Chrome browser and it will help you download PDFs more quickly and without slowing down your computer.

Disable PDF To Open in Google Chrome (2)

The above snapshot shows how a PDF file is usually opened by Google Chrome browser by default. It gives options to save or print or view full screen when you hoover to the bottom right which is a good features when you have to view few PDF pages online. Just follow the steps below to enable or disable this feature as per your needs.

How To Enable or Disable Viewing PDF In Google Chrome

Launch Google Chrome and in address bar, type:


Disable PDF To Open in Google Chrome (1)

Scroll down and locate the option called “Chrome PDF Viewer

To disable the plugin or feature to view PDF inside chrome, simply click the blue link which says “Disable

This will turn off the feature to view PDF files in the Chrome browser and will instead download the file when you click on the PDF file link or enter the link in the address bar.

Disable PDF To Open in Google Chrome (4)

To enable the feature again, simply go to the plugin settings again and click on the enable link:

Disable PDF To Open in Google Chrome (3)

we hope you find this tutorial useful, check out some more Google Chrome Tips and Tutorials by Trouble Fixers.

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