[Troubleshoot] DVD / CD Writer Stops Working In Windows

CD / DVD Writers are gradually going out of trend with tablets and ultrabooks ditching the optical drives, but still there are many occasions when you may need to use CD / DVD writer functionality. When you use the CD/ DVD writers after long time, there is more probability that it won’t work. Such problems arise when there is dust accumulation on the lens of the optical drive systems. Also many a times, the problem may also be related to the software issues which maybe one of the reasons behind the disk drivers going dysfunctional.


In most cases, using a lens cleaner disk kit will solve the problem which is a disk with a small brush to clean the lens surface. But the problem maybe beyond that.

There can be one more scenario when the DVD writer simply disappears from the computer which can be because of registry problems. You can fix this problem with problem using the tutorial here.

To fix such drive related problems, you can try use tools like the CD-Repair tools to fix the problem. If none of these methods are working, then you can try this official Fix it tool from Microsoft which has been specifically designed to fix disk related problems.


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