Edit TeamViewer Access Rights To Your Computer

TeamViewer is an excellent tool for remote access to your computer from another computer or iPhone via LAN or Internet remotely. Many people including me, use TeamViewer for helping friends remotely or accessing home computer when we are away and need something from our home PC.


One of out readers submitted a problem, asking :

Our IT manager controls the system with Team Viewer. How can i stop him to open drives ? please help us.

This question got me into thinking that we may all have some privacy and security concerns when we allow others, friends or colleagues to control our computer remotely via Team Viewer.


There are options in TeamViewer to prevent un-wanted control over your PC when you seek remote assistance or allow someone else to access your computer remotely.

To change the access control settings of TeamViewer, just follow these simple steps:


1. Launch team viewer and click Extras > Options



2. At TeamViewer Options Window, click Security Tab, on the right hand side bottom pane, click at the “Access Control” dropdown under “Rules for connection to this computer”, select the option which says “Custom settings”.



3. After you change the Access Control to Custom Settings, click the Configure button just below it. This will launch the access control details Window.



4. At the “Access Control Details” window, you can set the TeamViewer access settings which are applicable when someone accesses your computer using TeamViewer. on this window you can control options like:

  • View Screen
  • Remote Control
  • File Transfer
  • VPN Connection
  • Partner can disable local input
  • Partner can control local TeamViewer


These options give you an easy to configure fairly good options. You can simply set these options to Deny access to a particular action, e.g Denying File Transfer will prevent the remote user to get any file out from your computer via Team Viewer.

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  1. Yeah great but what if the whole point is to allow him to transfer files, just not ANY file on the whole local network!! Why isnt there a way to assign permission to specific drives or directories?

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