[Security] Make Apple ID More Secure By Enabling 2-Step Verification

Apple ID is the account a user needs to create to download and install application as well as to download content from Apple services on their apple devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone etc. Since it does include financial transaction as well, the Apple IDs are also prone to attacks or hacks, it makes sense to have a strong password and not to disclose your Apple ID and password details with anyone.

To make your Apple account even more secure, it is advisable that you upgrade to a more secure 2-Step Verification system which is even more secure. It has been recently rolled out by Apple and makes Apple accounts protected by adding one more layer of security by adding a PIN number which will be sent to you via text message on your phone when you try to login. It is very similar in functionality to Google or Gmail 2 Step Verification. Just follow these simple steps to enable the same for Apple id.

Step 1: Open Apple login page at appleid.apple.com

apple id post

Step 2: Click on Manage your Apple ID and log into your account.

Apple Login

Step 3: Click on passwords and security tab, here you might have to answer come questions which you might have set while creating your apple account.

2 step verification

Step 4: After your answer the security questions, you will see an option to set up the two step verification option. Click on the Get started link to set up the additional security.

set up apple 2 step verification

Step 5: Proceed with the on-screen instructions on the page and set up a recovery key to be used in case you forget your password or loose your device which you registered.

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