Enable / Disable Change Of Date And Time On Windows XP


We received a mail from one of our readers asking:

How can I disable change of Date and Time on Windows Xp computer? I own an Internet Cafe and I don’t want my users to change the date and time on my Computers.



There can be more than one ways of disabling the editing of Date and Time, but we tell you one easy and convenient way of doing it on a computer which is stand alone and is not a part of any active directory.


To disable editing, you can set up a user with limited access, not Administrator access. Now with the method we describe below, you can allow only users with Administrator rights to edit the date and time, so the limited user will not be able to change the System date and time.


Follow the steps below:

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Templates



2. Open Local Security Policy



3. Go to Local Policy > User Rights Assignments > Change the System time , double click to open it.



4. In the below window, you will see the options to add and remove user groups. Remove the limited users from this list and those limited users will not be able to edit date and time of this computer.


You can revert the above settings to allow the users to change the date and time.


  1. Thnx for the info.but i think this solution can be done on xp pro only coz Local Security Policies doesn’t exist on xp home edition. Isn’t it? 😀

  2. I used your info to do the reverse, but it still worked! Thanks for the info!

  3. what???its possible to disable date time parmanentaly….plese…
    help me if its possible..????

  4. Some of the internet download programs are time sensitive, usually allows 30 day trial.
    If I disable the date and time function in the computer (or push the date back or even delete such function), does that mean I can use the program without time restriction?

  5. By doing this it is possible to prevent the change of Date and Time in Windows XP, but if some user run DOS (cmd) and try to change date and time then it will be changed.

    How to block this on DOS prompt, so that change of Date and Time can not be made even on DOS Prompt ????

    Please help ????

  6. What how about windows 3.1? Any way to disable the capability to chnge the date and time? Thank you.

  7. May I know how to add in back the Administrator user to the group if accidentally remove. Need help urgently,

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